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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bath Time Talk

Baby Girl's playing in the tub. I run in, grab dirty clothes, and ask "you doing okay." She answers, "Yes. . . . But Mama, my booty has got a hole in it." Isn't she just the cutest ever!?!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Cost of Fun

Girls night out was scheduled for Thursday night. At my suggestion, we were going to a Karoke Bar. I've been practicing for several weeks. . . ready to tackle Carrie Underwood, Lorretta Lynn, and Janis Joplin, all in one night. The days leading up to the big event have been crazy. I'm not going to whine too much, I'm sure it's been equally chaotic for the rest. It's like there are a million and one reasons not to go to girls night out and one main reason to go, It's called SANITY.

The day of our night out was the absolute longest day ever and not b/c I didn't have much to do. It just was crazy busy and crazy long. But the time finally arrived and we walk into the bar. They are setting up for a band. Are you kidding me? I ask the waitress what about Karoke. She says that's on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I was sooo disappointed. We're suppose to have these nights out once a month, but in truth, we'll probably not get another chance until after the holidays.

Oh well, we pack up and head for a Country Dance Bar. The line dancing was fun. Although, I don't smoke, I think I should in places like that. I'm breathing the smoke anyway and at least with the cigarette maybe I'd get something more out of it than stinky clothes and a sore throat.

I made it home around 1:00 and while I thought, that's going to cost ya, I had no idea. I jumped into bed, stinky clothes and all, and quickly passed out. Less than an hour passed and Baby Girl was by my bedside, mommy, I have to go to the bathroom. Can I ask, why don't they ever wake dad? Why is it always mom? Anyway, I stumble out of bed, take her to the bathroom, shuffle her back to her bedroom, as she asks, "can you lay down with me." And tonight, it was not a problem, I was too tired to try and make it back to my bedroom anyway. We quickly fall back to sleep.

Less than an hour later, I hear Little Man crying in his room. I jump out of bed, forgetting I'm in Baby Girl's room, hit my head on the top bunk, fall out of her bed cursing under my breath and stumble to his room. Now, to fill you in, he's been waking up since Halloween due to bad dreams, and I've been routinely climbing in bed with him against hubby's advisement, I might add. It feels like freakin musical beds, I must stop it at all cost.

I go into his room, do not even give him time to explain, and start lecturing something about facing your fear, mommy and daddy (probably sleeping peacefully in our bed, I might add) are just down the hallway, you are fine, I love you, goodnight. Okay, so it didn't work. He was up more than he was asleep as I laid in bed thinking tomorrow is gonna totally suck.

Little Man wakes up with "the look ." I can recognize it anywhere, poor baby's really sick. And to make it worse, it's Field trip day and Fall Carnival Night at the school. I meet hubby and little man at the doc's office, and it's official he has strep throat. Oh the guilt, why didn't I just jump into bed with him last night only after dosing him with tylenol cold.

Anyway, I survived the rest of the day at work. I made it home to make chicken noodle soup for my sick baby. Thank goodness, Grandma picked Baby Girl up and she seems fit as a fiddle. I go to the school carnival to fulfill my duty working in the 1st grade booth, make it home in time to tuck sick boy into bed, and then climb into bed myself.

And by the way, do I have a sore throat, aching muscles, and a pounding head? That would be a yes! Girls night out did come at an exceptionally high price this time. Will I be back for more? DEFINITELY!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kids Say the Darnest Things

Sitting at the table doing homework, Little Man asks, "Mom, is Holy Shit a bad word?" Trying to keep from laughhing I reply, "Yes honey, that is a bad word!"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Tooth Fairy

The other day at school, my Little Man lost a tooth. He's been visiting the school nurse every day for the last week seeking medical advice and a general time frame on when it will fall out. She was probably one visit away from yanking it from his head in sheer frustration.

She gave him a cute little container to put it in and he was back off to class like a king caring his most precious possession. I don't know exactly what happened but somehow he lost it. According to him, it was there and then it just. . . poof . . . disappeared. In reality, I'm sure he just showed it off one too many times.

If I know my son and I do, he was seconds away from complete meltdown, tears welling up in his eyes, and the end of his world approaching fast. His teacher, so quick and witty, saves the day. She says, "Find a rock that looks like a tooth, the tooth fairy won't know the difference." What an amazing woman, her solution, simple and perfect. And he bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Bedtime is a breeze and the Tooth Fairy is on her way. It's weird! A couple of years ago, Little Man starting questioning Santa and finally concluded Santa is not real. However, he believes in the Tooth Fairy 100%. He told me that the Tooth Fairy brought a little girl in his class, $14.00 for her last tooth. Can you believe that?

I'm running around the house trying to scrape up at least $5.00. Before, the Tooth Fairy only left a dollar per tooth, but she just happened to be in a most generous mood and left $5.00 for the last tooth. Come to think of it, Mommy and Daddy were on vacation and Nana happen to be watching the kids, thanks alot!

While my husband is giving me . . . that, $5.00 is too much, look. . . following me from room to room as I dig up change, I finally have $5.00 in quarters, dimes, nickels, and, yes, pennies. I grab Baby Girls piggy bank and exchange the change for dollars, sneak into Little Man's room, pick up the fake tooth, and leave the money.

The next morning, Little Man comes running into my room, dancing around with the money, so excited the Tooth Fairy came. Baby girl is disgusted and demands she wants money too. Little Man says, "No problem, I'll help you find a rock that looks like a tooth, put it under your pillow at bedtime, and the Tooth Fairy will come tonight." He looks at me and says . . .

"You know Mom, the Tooth Fairy won't know the difference!"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Help Needed

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've blogged. I miss it terribly. So much has happened, many of which would have made killer blogs, like this:

I interviewed between 40 and 50 teachers. I'm looking forward to working with them. In looking for some bilingual assistants, I ran into some pretty interesting people as well.

One was from Peru but she's been in the States for the past 9 years. She's going through a divorce b/c her husband says she's too Americanized. Ten years ago, her parents had her make a video for American men who were looking for a slave, I mean wife. This guy chose her, he flew to Peru and married her, 2 months later, she's leaves her country, family, and friends and moves to the States. She doesn't speak English, he doesn't speak Spanish. It's a match made in Heaven. Two children later, she wants to venture out of the house and make a life for herself, and he's ready to look at new videos.

Another interesting meeting was with a lady from Mexico. She was your typical churchy, over-the-top definitely not grounded, missionary to the States from Mexico. She was seeking employment to pay for upcoming mission trips abroad. She had a green card, but in bright red letters it said, not authorized for employment. No problem.... b/c she said she'd offer her services in exchange I would make "donations" to her church and in return they would give her the money. Sounds like a great church, huh. While waiting for a smile and reply that I had been set-up by some cool, totally new hip reality series, I ended the meeting with thank you and I'd be in contact, yea right.

I actually found someone who is bilingual, eager to work, and Legal. (or so I thought) She's legally here in the U.S. but she's driving illegally. She is without a license or insurance. Great! So, we have to let her go.

I really want to keep blogging b/c so much has happened in the past 4 weeks, but the kids are hungry, the puppy's diaper needs to be changed (I'll save that blog for later), and Amazing Race starts in an hour.