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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


There were many things to remember this Christmas.

Little Man went snowboarding with us, a first. We drove through a blizzard to make it home for Christmas. Baby Girl, being the perfect age for the holidays, was fascinated with Everything Christmas; the lights, the tree, the songs. . . She believes in Santa Claus wholeheartedly and every present she opened was the best present ever.

But, all that faded in the background, with the news that came the day after Christmas. A good friend from my past passed away during the holidays. He was in his late 30's and had either a heart-attack or anurism (undetermined).

Our worlds collided (literally) 15 years ago. I was headed home. He was hauling some big, huge pipe-like thing back to his work. It fell off his trailer and I ran over it. It was lodged under "Rhonda the Honda" and only two things were replaying in my mind; My dad's gonna kill me and This Guy is really Cute!"

We became good friends and at times a little more. Immediately, he was a member of our family. We all thought so much of him. . . just couldn't help it. . . he was simply a great guy!

It's hard to understarnd something like this. Impossilbe is the better word. If anyone deserved a long, full life, it was him.

When I'm upset, I usually call as many friends/family as it takes until
1. I get it all out.
2. I get an answer and even better a little understanding.
(Blogging helps too)

One of my friends helped a little. She said that she believed that we are all sent here to do something in life, we have a purpose. He just finished up early and went on home.

I'm not sure if it helped the hurt (doesn't feel like it), but it helped me make some sense of it all.

My friend, I am a better person for have known you, thank you.

Three things I'll always remember; your bright smile, your funny sarcasm, and your loving heart. You are missed.