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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last Night

Don't you hate it when a significant moment passes you by where you could have, but you didn't. I had one of those last night. I seem to be better on the afterthought, rather than on the spot.

I was visiting my former pastor last night and attended one of his bible studies. It was a great message on being a witness and at the end he opened it up to questions. The questions evolved around how to approach people and such. One of the "set-up" questions was how do you witness to someone of a different race. I happened to be the only one of different race in the building so he brought the microphone to me to answer. My answer was simply something to the tune of there's no difference, people are just people. You witness to them the same. True enough, but there definitely was no depth behind my answer. Looking back, I should have given this answer, my testimony if you will.

When I was 18 years old, lost in Jackson trying to find a Carmen concert, I ran across a tent revival. The beat of the music had me and before I knew it I was standing at the back of the tent. Everyone was getting happy enjoying God, shouting and dancing all over the place. After a few seconds, a lady (I can't even remember who) walked up to me and said, "You need to go the alter." She could have told me anything. She could have stated the obvious, this chick is lost and pointed me on down the road. But she didn't. She looked past my white skin, saw my need, and led me to the alter.

You can find a million and one reasons why not to be a witness that stretch from the color of skin to financial standing, to whatever. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone, that's hard for anyone. Thank God, that nothing stopped that lady from witnessing to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Supermom for a Day

I cleaned out my desk in attempts to prepare for the new, get rid of the old, when I came across this blog. I must have scribbled it on a notepad last November but never typed it into my blog. It's not every day that you feel like a Supermom so for the moments you pull it off, it must be remembered!

I haven't felt great all day long, in fact I feel pretty lousy. While fighting a miserable cold, I've somehow made it to the end of this day. (not accomplishing much) I run to Walmart and pick up a rotisserie chicken....mmmmm..... call hubby to make sure we don't need anything else, pick up a coloring book for Baby Girl, the ET movie for Little Man, and drive home to officially call it a day. Daddy and Little Man race out the door for Cub Scouts, dinner has to wait. Baby Girl and I cuddle on the couch and watch TV. The boys make it home about the time I slap dinner on the table. Everyone's happily eating and discussing the events of the day. In the middle of dinner, Little Man springs on me, "Hey mom, you're suppose to make a pie for school tomorrow." That vaguely sounds familiar, I'm sure I read something about that last week, I guess? So, I drop everything and run back to Walmart. Little Man wants Lemon Pie so I race through the store grabbing the necessary ingredients per his request and for good measure, those for Peanut Butter Pie too. As I bolt back home, bags in tow, hubby smugly informs me that Walmart sells pies. "Please... A pie from Walmart...I've got an image to uphold." As I'm hunting for the mixing spoons he adds, "I don't use them either, but I know where they are," and points to a drawer. He's such a smart @#$ ! Finally, after 10:00, Wha La. . . I'm done. My son will take not 1 but 2 incredibly delicious, homemade pies to school tomorrow. Baby Girl, the official pie tester, gives her stamp of approval as she licks the spoons and mixing bowls clean. (cheers from the crowd) And so today, I bestow on myself the highest of honors and declare myself Supermom for this day, Monday, November 20th, 2006. I would like to give special thanks to my mom and best friend for the recipes and moral phone support. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Aren't homemade cards the best? The kids made two of the sweetest. They'd give Hallmark a run for their money.

To Mom
From Little Man

Mom is like a rose.
You look Buteful.
You are The Best Mom.
and I love you.
and now I'm selabrating
your Brthday

To Mom
From Baby Girl with help from Little Man

I love mom.
your as Buteful as a rose.
your eyes are Buteful

Happy Brthday!

Friday, August 17, 2007

This Crazy Week!

I've had so many bloggable moments in the past week, but who has the time? With or Without time, I've got to feed my addiction. I'll try to be brief....

Earlier this week I was out of town on business. I desperately wanted to drive home but even a cup from Starbucks was not helping. You know, mind willing but eyes slapping shut. I pulled over at a recognizable hotel and went to check in. No Vacancy. Okay, don't panic, there were at least a half a dozen runner's up off this exit alone. I asked the clerk which she would recommend and she informed me that the rest were also sold out. Are you kidding me? It's not a holiday or even a weekend. She gave me the name of another hotel to try a little further up the road. It's funny, I was pretty tired when I decided to stop, but let someone tell you no room available and then you become like the walking dead. I found the other hotel, and wearily walked into the lobby. I, nervously, asked the clerk for a room. He had one room available. Thank God. He started entering info into his computer as I slowly began to relax. Then he says, the computer shows it's not available. Okay, I decided to accept defeat and get back in the car without making a scene. Then, he suddenly assumed the role of father preaching to his daughter about being a responsible driver and the evils of the road. Long story short, he gave me their Honeymoon Suite for the cost of a regular room. How cool is that!?! I was exhausted but mustered up the energy to take a dip in the 2 person jacuzzi in the middle of the suite. While relaxing, I called hubby to gloat. Wouldn't you know it, my first time in a honeymoon suite and I'm by myself. I enjoyed it just the same and made it back home safe and sound the next day.

Little Man and Baby Girl started school on Thursday. That morning, I bounced out of bed, made bacon and eggs, and gently woke my two little Einstein's. I dressed them in my favorite outfits and then went to work on their hair as daddy rolled his eyes. I muttered something about first impressions and then gave up on explaining and decided my best approach is to flat out ignore. We tied new tennis shoes, grabbed new backpacks, and happily marched out the door. After I dropped each off at their classroom, I hovered in the hallway for a good half hour. Definitely mixed feelings, after a long summer spent each day with the kids, I need a break but when it comes down to it, it's always hard for me to let go. And you know, it's harder this year b/c, I walked home without Baby Girl. Thank Heavens, my children adjust better than I. As we approached the doorway of Baby Girl's classroom, she marched boldly into the unknown without so much as a look back. Again, that confidence shining through with every step she took. As I walked toward her classroom to meet her for lunch, the teacher assistant told me how sweet and well mannered she is. Today, when I went to meet her again for lunch that same assistant told me, "Your daughter's' quite the perfectionist." I said yes she is and thought you ought to meet her dad. Little Man has the same teacher as the year before last. She's wonderful in so many ways but best of all she understands and loves my oldest. I know she has taken him under her wing and will treat him like a son all year long. Oh, don't get me wrong, he'll drive her crazy just as he does me, but no matter what, he's in her heart. Little Man says, "Second grade will be the best year of his whole life." His reasons are; #1. She said, He is one of her favorite students ever! #2. He doesn't have to wait until show-and-tell but can bring his favorite toy to class anytime he wants. (this includes Skylar the dog) #3. He can chew gum in her class. And last but not least, #4. She is simply the "best teacher in the universe." What a great start, huh. . .

Oh, one final insignificant detail. . .

I turn 36 tomorrow, ugh.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Turn the Radio On

I've spent the better part of this day doing the normal stuff with the radio on. I thought a little boot scoot'in country music might help lighten the mood or else the kids and I just might not make it through this day. One of the 1st songs played moved us towards a happier place, "Beer in Mexico" by Kenny Chesney. The kids immediately shout, "Hey Mom, It's one of your favorites." We jump up, turn it up, and proceed to bounce around the office singing each line louder than the last. Should I worry that my 4 year old knows every word to that beer drinking song? Naaaah . . . At an early age I could sing most of the lines to such classics as "Take This Job and Shove It," "Family Tradition" and "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw."

Anyway, after a few songs, my reliable radio station started a "Care for Kids" radio-thon to raise money for a local hospital. The one where Baby Girl was born. I probably should have immediately switched stations but as hubby says, "I'm a bleeding heart." Now, between the heart-wrenching stories from kids going through chemo, parents left helplessly watching their babies in ICU, and the nurses and doctors talking about their jobs and how any donation would help, I've been in tears all morning and most of the afternoon.

Now, here I am, plowing through my normal day to day wondering is there anything the kids won't fight over, can life get any more stressful, and then BAM. . . you're knocked down with stories from those facing the inconceivable. Those precious little ones, my own kids age, fighting for their lives. Talk about putting life into perspective.

I just turned on the TV and a interstate bridge collapsed in Minneapolis during rush hour traffic. At this point, they're saying more than 50 vehicles went into the Mississippi River.

Tonight, I'm giving thanks to God for my family's health, safety, and well. . . in a nut shell. . . our crazy life. God, pour out your love and strength to those families facing the unimaginable tonight.