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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Picture Day Should Be BAN!!!!

Okay, if I was on the ball, I would have watched the forecast last night and picked out picture appropriate clothes. My philosophy, why do now, when you can put off until tomorrow. So this morning after much thought, I finally pick an outfit for Baby Girl and race to brother's room, tell him "Up and Adam" and without as much thought find an outfit for him. (Boys are easier) Head back for the kitchen, grab two bowls of cereal, and as an afterthought, turn on the tube to check out the forecast. My kids are dressed for mid-80's, that's what it's been for the last few weeks. Everyone has pretty much given up on Fall. Wouldn't ya know it, Fall arrives today.

The kids are fighting their usual morning fight of who's looking at who as I head back for their bedrooms to painfully try to find another outfit. After deciding on outfits Number 2, I run back to the kitchen as they are finishing up, point them in the direction of their rooms to change, and start making lunch. Where's hubby, you might ask. He's at the computer, I guess checking email. He might as well been on the couch eating bonn bonns. Hello, Didn't HE get the memo, It's PICTURE DAY! Also, he boycotts making lunches, he's says that's the school cafeteria's job.

Brother starts yelling from his room, "I don't like this shirt." I'm yelling back, "WEAR IT!" Halfway through making their lunch, Baby Girl needs help dressing. I give her a crash course in Pants 101, how to button her new pants. She can't do it, so I throw a belt on her to hold up her pants that I've loosened so she can pull them down without worrying with the button. My Girls Sagg'in but she won't have to ask for help from her teacher.

Brother is still complaining about the shirt I've chosen, Dad shows up and squashes the rebellion. Baby Girl and I race for the bathroom, I throw hot rollers in her hair. The more she protests, the rougher I am on her head. Pretty much takes care of her complaints. I instruct her to brush her teeth, Daddy has Little Man ready, complete with teeth brushed and hair fixed. I finish their lunches, pull the rollers from Baby Girl's head, cram socks and shoes on her feet, and shove them out the door, only a few minutes late for school.

As I watch them running down the sidewalk for school, Little Man's hair is sticking up in the wind, Baby Girl's cowlick is being more stubborn than usual, as I'm smiling and waving at them I decide Picture Day, It's too much work, way too stressful, and should be ban!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Kids

Today, I took Little Man to lunch. In the car on the way to grab pizza, he says, "Mom, I can stick my tongue up my nose. . . well almost. . . want to see?" (so gross)

Tonight, I told Baby Girl to go get ready for a bath. As I opened the bathroom door, I find her standing in front of the mirror totally naked, beating on her chest, doing a pretty convincing impression of Tarzan.

Do your kids do this?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What Will He Say Next?

Friday, I picked the kids up from school early for our hometown's homecoming parade. As we loaded in the car to race off for the parade (as usual, I was running late), Brother said, "Mom, a friend from my class was sent home today. He's really sick! He has a temperature of 130. He's probably got DeMonia (Pneumonia). " sounds pretty bad, huh. . .

Earlier this week, we were eating dinner when he looked up, smiled, and said to me . . .
"Good cookin, good lookin"

When he's not driving me crazy, he's cracking me up.