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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Those Stink'in Side Effects

Friday morning, Mom's hair started falling out. Not knowing if she would totally lose her hair over the weekend, we went to the American Cancer Society for a free wig. Most of the wigs were pretty bad. She tried one on and I swear, she looked like Tina Turner. It was funny. The wig she picked looks good, she makes a great red-head!

She called hubby and I to the house Saturday with clippers to give her a buzz cut. She backed out and decided to wait and see if it lets up. Breast cancer patients inevitably lose their hair a couple weeks after their first round of chemo. Mom's doc said that most patients do not lose their hair with the chemo Mom's taking. Some people I've talked to at the colon club totally lost their hair, however most have said their hair thinned but did not completely fall out. You can read their comments at Hair, Should we buzz it or not? by momsCancer on Sat May 31, 2008 10:28 am

It's Monday and mom is still losing lots of hair. It's all over her pillow in the morning. It covers the couch where she sits. She loses a lot when washing or trying to fix her hair. Anytime, she runs her hand through her hair, handfuls come out. We keep thinking maybe tomorrow it will stop.

While her hair has been the latest, breaking side effect over the past few days, it looks like fatigue is ongoing. Her taste buds are still off but she's still eating pretty good on most days. On bad days, she eats watermelon. Plain water tastes like salt water and it became impossible to drink last week. We found Strawberry-Kiwi flavored water which helped. Side effects from the radiation have started. She's basically burned to a crisp all around the targeted area. It's so tender that she can't wear pants anymore only dresses and skirts and it hurts when she goes to the bathroom. The really cool radiology technician has not been there over the past few days. I hope he comes back soon. He makes Mom laugh which is huge.

My brother came to visit this week. It was so good seeing him and I know it meant so much to Mom.

We see the oncologist tomorrow and I think she'll have more blood work to see if her cell count has rebound as well as her PICC line flushed. Oh, I pray she gets a good nurse, it makes such a difference. Doctor days are usually pretty stressful and exhausting. Mom always feels lots of anxiety meeting with the doctor.

On a happier note, we are suppose to go to a beauty workshop tomorrow night. They'll give information on skin changes while undergoing treatment and give lots of free make-up and skin care products. (over $300.00 worth of stuff) Could be fun?