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Sunday, December 07, 2008

This Weekend

Mom and dad are on a 7 day cruise. Friday night, we went by their house to say goodbye. Mom has been shopping over the last couple of weeks. Most of the clothes in her closet totally swallow her. She excitedly showed off all her new finds. She even dug some clothes out of her packed suitcase. She looks great in her size 4 clothes and lucky for me, I can wear most of them. (A little tighter fit than her) She commented that she has gained a pound or two . . . please.

They were both excited about the trip, been a long time coming. I hope they have the best time ever. After this summer, they need it.

Little Man's Birthday was this weekend. He turned 10 (still doesn't sound right). He wanted a big birthday party like Little Girl had a month ago. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen, everyone is so busy this time of year.

Thursday before his Saturday party, I knew 7 kids were coming. We had sent invitations out to everyone in his class (around 20) Only 1 from his class had RSVP. I knew Little Man would be disappointed if more didn't show from his class so I decided to send another invitation (reminder) out on Friday. Hubby said that I was being overbearing . . . not me. The one mom who RSVP said that her daughter had just given her the invitation that had been sent out the week before. So I figured the rest of the class probably had not given their parents the invitation, they are 3rd graders after all. Friday, we had a couple more RSVP and by Saturday morning, the birthday was a go with 13 confirmed.

I rushed around Saturday morning getting everything ready. I planned for 15 just in case and then 19 kids showed. It was a success although I did have to improvise with extra goodie bags.

The details of the party will have to wait for a later post, I'm crashing fast. But before I sign off.

Little Girl was in the shower, daddy was on cleaning detail. Little Girl has a mild soap for sensitive areas and a stronger soap for the rest of her body. A few minutes into her shower she yells, "DAD, I need some more Booty Soap!"

At Little Man's party, she got a whoopee cushion in her goodie bag (luck of the draw). So for the past couple of days, she's been carrying it around asking everyone with a sweet smile on her face, "You wanna hear me poot." I bet she'll ask to take it to Show and Tell next week, great.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Belle's Poem

Do you just have the feeling that something is wrong?That pain in your gut is a little too strong?Do you find that there’s blood leaking out your back door?Is it just IBS or could it be something more?Is it hemorrhoids or crohns or even UC?Or could it be, would it be the really “BIG C”Well pick up the phone, don’t waste any time;If you don’t have a doctor then you can call mine.And schedule the procedure that everyone fears;With the lights and the camera’s but no need for tears.For you’re out like a light in the dead of the night;And with the drugs that they give you there’s no need for fright.It’s the prep that’s a hassle - the procedure is notAnd after the scope is when you’ll learn a lot.But good news or bad there’s one place you can goTo the Colon Club Forum where all the folks knowCause they’ve been there before and they know what it’s likeTo wake up in the middle of a long lonely night.They’re there to give help, they’re there for supportThey’re there when you need them when others may not.They’ll help with advice or a shoulder to cry onThe Colon Club Forum – you can always rely on.

BelleDX 10/07 Stage III Colorectal CancerSurgery 11/17/0727 of 38 nodes affected10 rounds of FOLFOX; 2 rounds of Xeloda30 radiation treatments with 5FU pump 24/744 Years Old - NED!!!!!

Roses are redViolets are blueI love your poemAbout colons and poo....Love it.jamiana