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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Wish

I've drove over 1000 miles this week. Today, I drove through a flat-out downpour of rain. Last week, I drove through the night to make it home for Friday morning assembly at my kid's school. Baby Girl's class led the assembly and she really wanted me there.

With all this driving, I have plenty of time to think, too much really. I've always been scared to talk much about dying. I guess because the whole "guard your tongue" message and if you give an inch mentality. But last week on the way home I thought, people die every day. They don't plan it. They don't wake up one day and say, "I think I'll have a stroke or fatal car wreck today, but it happens. So, what if I don't make it home one day? Will my kids be okay, will they know how I felt, do they know what I want for them?

Little Man doesn't want me to leave him to go to Walmart much less out of town on business. He always drills me . . . do you have to leave, why? When will you be back, when are you leaving? With Grandma around, Baby Girl handles it better but still wants me at her assemblies, school parties, etc... Today is her 7th birthday and I couldn't make it home, oh the guilt. (Thank you Grandpa and Nana for taking cupcakes and juice to her school birthday party, for doing what I couldn't this year) With our business, you've got to strike while the iron's hot.

My sweet babies, if there's ever a day I don't make it home, please know how much I love you. I NEVER would choose to leave you. Don't you ever, even once, think about blaming yourself, sometimes the unexplainable just happens. If I could have just 1 wish for you both, I'd wish that you will allow God to be there for you, like He's always been there for me. He's been there for me every step of the way, through the very best and worst of times. He never left me once. I want this for you more than anything else. I love you, now and forever . . . you have my heart.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair In Your Drawers

I met up with Janice and friends at Hooter's in Little Rock last week. I had a blast catching up and listening to their stories of old Pentecostal days. I've got to make this post quick so I'll share my favorite story told that night.

Jodie says an evangelist came to our little church on the west side fired up over the women in the congregations hairdo's. Obviously, Pentecostal women are forbidden to cut their hair. I remember Mom having REALLY long hair. She used balls of hair she called fillers to make her hair look fuller and stand higher on her head, the higher the better.

Anyway, the evangelist must have thought the hair fillers as worldly because standing at the pulpit he preached, "I'll Tell You . . . Most of You Women Have More Hair in Your Drawers Than You Do On Your Head!"

I about coughed up a lung laughing so hard over that one. Mom says she remembers being in that service, I wish I did.

On a more serious note, another favorite was told by a friend (I'm sorry, I'm bad with names) She said that in the middle of her Pentecostal time, the guilt over not ever being good enough finally got to her.

She remembers going to the alter one night, crying out to God that no matter how high her hair was, or how long her dress, the fact she refused to wear make-up or jewelry, and even how hard or long she prayed, fasted, read her bible and so forth, it was never enough. She always came up short.

And so that night,standing defeated at the alter, she looked up at God in desperation and said, "I can't do it anymore." God answered, "Good, Now Let Me!"

That night changed her life. Her story, changed mine.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Little Breezy

I'm cold, turned on the heater in my hotel room and set the fire alarm off. No worries, the fire department is just across the road. Mom and I stayed here a couple of years ago and heard sirens all night long. I came prepared this time with ear plugs but hubby let me know I forgot my toothbrush. That ain't nothing, I forgot underwear and a bra.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All in a Days work

I watched Great Grandma today so Grandma and Paw Paw could go to the fair. She was actually pretty good all things considered. Grandma says you have to treat her like a kid. Let her know who the boss is so I gave it my best shot.

Last night, they came to the house to eat chili. It was so good. . . not sure if it was the taste, the cold weather or the fact that I didn't have to cook it. Regardless, hubby made a great chili. Anyway just before dinner, Great Grandma sneaked out of her wheelchair and fell on the tile in our entry way. She wasn't hurt, thank goodness but she won't, can't listen. She's always trying to get up on her own and therefore falls quite often.

I'm not sure if that justifies my actions but today after taking her to the bathroom, I sat her on the couch, turned on the TV, and tied her to the couch. Yes, I said, Tied her to the couch. I'm not sure if she realized she was tied at first but after a short nap, she discovered our homemade seat belt and wasn't happy. It's for her own safety . . . in her best interest, right? During the nap, I was actually able to help hubby with the pool. When I came in to figure out lunch for the kids, she was pulling at the tie down. In my best boss voice, I told her to cut it out and watch TV. I guess my voice if just not authoritative enough because like the kids, she argued, "I want to go outside!" I firmly said, "No!" Again, as with the kids, we went round and round as I'm giving up finding anything in my kitchen to eat and grabbing the phone to order pizza.

Both kids had a friend sleepover last night whom I had to take home. Great Grandma loves to go for a ride so off we went. Funny, I don't feel 1 ounce of guilt for the seat belt in the car but feel awful about the one in the living room. Anyway, as we were driving kids home, I turned the Seris radio to Channel 4, 40's music. She mainly somewhat comes alive when arguing with me but this time the music caught her attention. The kids probably thought we were crazy, but Great Grandma and I shared a duet to "There's no Business, Like Show Business" and then "Slow Poke." When I pulled in the driveway and hubby came over to help her out of the car, he wrinkled up his nose in disgust and asked, "What are you listening to?" I proudly told him, "It's Frank Sinatra, your grandma loves it" smiling as I turn to her for affirmation "Don't you?" In true Great Grandma form she answered, "No!"

That woman kills me!

In other news, Little Man won Bowler of the Week today for his game last Saturday. He was 67 pins above average. They called his name over the intercom in the bowling alley and awarded him with a little bowling pin trophy. He was so excited, I was so proud! He also submitted an application to the counselor and was picked to be one of the peer mediators this year at his school. The application was pretty long and required a recommendation from 2 teachers at the school. He's required to attend an all day mediation class sometime in the next couple of weeks. It might be wishful thinking but I'm hoping he can apply some of those precious peace making skills at home with his sister.

Baby Girl has been enjoying the game room in the bowling alley. Grandma/Paw Paw and Nana/Grandpa have kept the quarters coming each Saturday. Last week, Baby Girl spent all her money on a roulette type of game trying to win tickets to buy junk little toys. Knowing prayer works, she faithfully clasped her hands and bowed her head before each spin. She actually hit the jackpot 4 times, that's 600 tickets. I seriously was considering sneaking her into the casino that night.

As always, I have so much to say but am falling asleep. If you get a chance, check out this blog. It's unbelievable; www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com

I can't figure out how to make a link, I've tried several different times but type her blog address in and you won't be disappointed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rhonda the Honda

My husband is gone on a motorcycle run. Baby Girl is at Grandma's, Again. I took Little Man and his best friend to get burgers for dinner tonight. While eating, his bf asked how many car wrecks have I had. I probably should have shaded the truth some, but I didn't. I honestly can't remember the number of wrecks I've had. Dad G gave me a brand new, black Dodge Daytona for my 16th birthday. I guess my first wreck was not long after that. I was on a road, it turned and I didn't. I raced straight through a barbwire fence barely missing sleeping cows. You can only imagine what my car looked like afterwards.

Wanting to spread the love, I wrecked Dad's (G) car too during my first semester in college. It was a beautiful day. I remember, I had the windows down, good music blaring and then BAM, I ate the back end of a vintage Volkswagen Bug. Did I mention, it was my college professor's car, I had just left his class. His whole bumper came off, it wasn't pretty nor was my grade at the end of the semester.

Although not technically a car wreck, I shorted out the electrical system in my Daytona by using the ashtray as a piggy bank. While on the cruise strip with my best friend riding shotgun, the radio would start scanning when we'd hit a bump in the road. To stop it on the desired song, she'd have to open the car door and give it a good slam shut. Yes, she would continually have to open and shut the door every time I hit a bump or if a bad song came on the radio. It's a miracle she never fell out.

When dating my husband in high school, he refused to ride in my car because he couldn't see the floorboard from all the trash, clothes and stuff. I practically had to take my shoes off to ride in his car, a restored Plymouth Duster. It was a nice muscle car and made great background prom pics.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Dad G leased the Daytona. Mom says she'd given anything to have seen the faces of the people at the dealership when he pulled up to turn in my poor car.

My next ride was a Honda Civic, lovingly referred to as Rhonda the Honda. Dad M brought her to me after a few weeks away in college. Rhonda was a repo Dad M bought from the credit union. She was in "like new" condition when I got her but that didn't last long. Although now I don't remember all the mishaps, by the time I was done with her she had been hit from all sides. Okay, I usually was to blame, but there was this one time when it wasn't my fault. I wasn't even in the car. My roommate and I were hanging out one afternoon watching a Stephen Stegal movie when we heard a crash come from the street. Looking out the window, we saw someone had rammed into the back of Rhonda the Honda. She was a young mother who had turned away for a split second to tend to her baby in the backseat. She was so upset, I felt sorry for her. The wreck didn't really bother me. I got fishing wire and tied my bumper back on, good as new, sorta.

Again, not a wreck but after a long night of studying in college, a friend of mine came by my house to check that I was up for class. When I opened the door, he said he didn't think I was home because my car wasn't in the driveway. I argued that it was not knowing how he could have missed her. Rounding the corner, sure enough, she wasn't there. Half dead from studying all night, I wasn't sure what to do. I called Dad G and said, "I think someone has stolen Rhonda the Honda." Between laughs he told me "No one would steal that car and advised me to go check around the neighborhood." What the heck! Is he serious, check the neighborhood! He thinks I left her somewhere and don't remember. Giving up on him, I called my mom. She laughed even harder and said, "No one would want that car!" Finally, I called the police.

I guess, word was spreading around campus because by the time the cop showed, a couple of friends had come over. As I described her to the cop, "She's a gray Honda Civic with a green KD tag on the front. She's got a cracked windshield, has been hit from every side and fishing wire is holding up the back bumper." As I was finishing my detailed description to the cop, my fraternity big brother had arrived for moral support. Being the observant guy that he is, he pointed out a car sitting far off in the distance in the field across from my house. He asked, "Isn't that your car?" Looking at the police report, the cop said matter-of-factly, "Fits the description." Okay, either someone played a really good joke on me (no one ever fessed up) or I left her out of gear, she rolled across the street, steered perfectly between a utility pole and it's grounding wire with only a few inches to spare and came to a rest in the middle of a field across from my house. The cop let me keep the police report as a souvenir.

Intrigued, the boys asked me whatever happened to Rhonda the Honda. I explained the importance of motor oil and what happens when it runs out. Dad G and Mi Mi were with me when she left us on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Dad called a local mechanic who observed smoke and water coming out of the tailpipe as I tried to start the engine. I know it's not funny, but then again it is. The mechanic had a hair lip and while watching smoke and water pour out the back he said, "Tat not uh goot tign!" We still laugh about Rhonda the Honda and the hair lip car mechanic. He was really sweet, good at his job and resurrected my poor Rhonda the Honda.

I eventually sold her for $800.00 to a retired couple who drove a Winnebago. Rhonda the Honda is probably still on the road somewhere between here and Abilene, Texas. Who knows, maybe you've passed her on the highway.

The boys were entertained but I'm not sure it was the best lesson of care and responsibility. Lord help me when they get their driver's license!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

After reading writtenwordlover's post about a survey she took on facebook, I decided to try it. It was the one, What book of the bible are you? It said she was the book Numbers. She wasn't thrilled with her result, not exciting enough. It said I'm Ecclesiastes. Here's its reasons why;

You're a hardheaded realist burned once too often by the flaws of others and the emptiness of what society calls "success." Your wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks, which makes you a great advisor. You can't stand fake sunniness and social climbing; you're true, even if you're a little blue. Your eyes are clear, so without denying the reality of evil, make sure you also look at the goodness that's taking place around you.

Sounds like I'm depressed, maybe so.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Again

Forgive me, it's been over a month since my last post. Seriously, I've always wanted to go to confession. I'm not Catholic but I did go to mass a few weeks ago. It was cool, just not my thing.

This past month has been crazy. Summer left without warning. I really thought we had more time, until we didn't. Although I couldn't be there because of work, the kids started school a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. Baby Girl loves the 1st grade but is not at all happy about homework. Suggested by her mother, Babygirl joined a soccer team. They are the Strikers. I know nothing about the sport but she's having a blast. It's pretty time consuming with practice every Tuesday and Thursday and games on Saturdays. Their first game is this week. I also gave permission and even encouraged her to join the Girl Scouts. She is extremely excited about camping out next month. Hubby and I are excited that the meetings take place at the school (after school) so we don't have to drive her anywhere. Hubby reminds me daily how I broke the 1 activity at a time rule.

After the first week of school, Babygirl shared a "secret" with me at bedtime about some friends in her class. Okay, stay with me . . . this gets complicated. She said that her friend Reece likes her new friend Kinsey. She clarified that Kinsey only likes Reece as her friend but Reece wants to be her boyfriend. Giggling she went on to say that Reece does whatever Kinsey says, EVEN when he doesn't want to. Wow, it starts early doesn't it! Anyway, she then said that her brother, Little Man, and his friend keep making fun of her saying that Davis (a boy in her class) is her "boyfriend". She promises me that she only likes Davis as a friend, not a boyfriend. Off the subject, I mention that we might have one last pool party before it gets cold, who would she want to invite. Guess who was numero uno?

DAVIS! (Hmmmm, could it be love at the age of 6 years old). I'm friends with Davis' mom and of course told her all about our talk. We decide they're a perfect match! Our work is done, it's arranged, they will wed, date tba. Isn't he a cutie!

I've stopped going to church and decided to fly solo for a while. My friend advised me to be still and quiet to hear God's voice. Okay, I'm not so good in that department so I'm taking meditation classes to become better at still and quiet. I'm really enjoying trying to meditate. When going to my last class, Babygirl asked where I was going? I said meditation classes. She asked me why and I said to find peace. Her face lit up as she said she knows how to find peace. Her directions to me were to sit criss-cross applesauce, fold my hands in prayer and say OMMMMM, OMMMMM over and over. Little Man's advice for peace was to read a book. They're better than Dr. Phil.

The other day at home Baby Girl asked, "When are we going to go to church?" I said, "I think we'll have church right here." Puzzled, she looked around the house and asked, "You mean, everyone's coming here for church?" Now that had me laughing out loud.

Little Man has had a pretty exciting start to 4th grade. He was asked by the counselor to be a member of the Bucket Club. It's a group that meets every Friday before school to discuss problems, concerns and ideas left anonymously by fellow students. These messages are put in a bucket located in the school and are discussed every Friday, thus they are the bucket club. Cool idea!

A couple of weeks ago Little Man came home from school wanting to run for Student Council. I wasn't excited about the idea knowing how these things usually go to the popular kids. I, of course, didn't tell him no but warned him how school elections are more like popularity contests. How's that for adult insecurity? It didn't phase him, thank goodness. Writtenwordlover's hubby gave us a great slogan, "Chase your fears, Fleming is here." Hubby put it on a t-shirt that he wore the day of the election.

He had a wonderfully talented professional write an amazingly, persuasive campaign speech, wonder who that is? This same talent was planning an ambush to knock out each and every student who didn't vote for said candidate. The votes were cast and Little Man WON! He's one of this year's 4th grade representative. Grandparents came over to celebrate the victory with pizza, cake, and a congrats balloon and card. It's not every day you win an election! He had his first council meeting today and loved it. He told me all about their discussions and getting to vote by saying "I" and "Nay". Little Man has also joined a bowling league, something he's been hounding me about all summer long. He's on a team of 3 and bowls every Saturday. I guess hubby and I will have to take turns going to his bowling and Babygirls soccer games.

I've discovered facebook over the past month. It's dangerously time-consuming but tons of fun. My sister and neice came to visit over Labor Day Weekend. We had so much fun. Check out the pics.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I've never had acne, just the occasional zit or two nothing more than that. This summer I not only had acne breakout all over my face but also on my neck, chest and back. It's crazy! I've tried to figure out if it's oily skin, stress related, hormonal, some food I'm eating or just what? Little Man told me the other day, "Mom, you need to go to the doctor, I think you have chickenpox." I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

What A Week!

What a week!

I bought school supplies. It was expensive this year. Okay, so I couldn't help buying some things not on the list of which hubby took most back. But this year, Baby Girl's teacher asked for not 1 but 4 boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons and again not 1 but 4 boxes of Crayola Markers. So, I can read on the box that Crayola is preferred by teachers but their price versus the generic is not preferred by me. And besides, does Baby Girl really need 4 boxes of crayons? I still have her supply box from last year which has perfectly good markers and crayons in it. Hubby thinks we are supplying for others who can't or won't buy their kid's school supplies. Maybe so?

My Aunt Emily is in town. We went to the mall to do some shopping. Our first and only stop was Macy's. We spent over 3 hours in that store and never made it to any of the others. Macy's has the best clearance. I found really cute costume jewelry; a ring for $6.00 and a necklace and bracelet for $12.00. Hubby says it's gonna turn me green, we'll see. I also found 4 tops and a pair of black dress pants all for $37.00. I thought hubby was gonna shoot me for bringing home another pair of black pants. My philosophy is when in doubt wear black. Therefore, I probably have over 10 pairs of black pants/capris in my closet. Anyway, I loved shopping with my aunt. Like me, she can spend hours in 1 store.

I worked some on the computer. I had to input data for the Memphis School District as well as turn in paperwork for the Missouri Department of Education. And so it begins, my calendar is coming alive with meetings, vendor fairs and school functions over the next couple of months. I'm not ready but ready or not it's gonna start August 12th and 13th with vendor fairs in St. Louis. Those are the same dates as my kids "Meet the Teacher" night and 1st day of school. I'm sick over having to miss that.

Hubby won Aerosmith tickets from a local radio station. Neither of us are big on concerts, but I must say Aerosmith was awesome! I'd definitely go see them again. The lead singer Stephen Tyler is quite the performer and his voice is amazing. He sounds as good live as he does on his cds all while running from one end of the stage to the other. The man is 61 years old and still rock'n it and pulling crowds ranging from teenagers to senior citizens. Aerosmith is one of Little Man's favorite rock bands so we brought him back a tshirt. He was thrilled!

Last night I went with a friend to see the musical Wicked. I've only been to the Performing Arts Center one other time to see The Nutcracker. Call me weird but I didn't like it. I guess I'm just not into ballet but I loved last night's musical. I think I'll try more musicals in the future. My friend's daughter is in the same class as Baby Girl. She also was on our Tball team. We're talking about taking the girls to see Wizard of Oz coming next summer.

I just recently got on Facebook. Okay, maybe the new will wear off soon but for now, I'm addicted. I've found gobs of friends, most of which I haven't seen or talk to in years. I've downloaded all sorts of pictures. I joined a mafia although I don't know how to play the game. All in all, I'm loving facebook!

We only have 1 more week until school (and work) starts back. Summer flew by, I guess it always does.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hard Working Boys

I know it dangerous getting online 7 minutes before midnight. I've promised myself that I will quickly post this blog, faithfully turn off the computer without so much as checking my email or new facebook page. We'll see.

Hubby went to a motorcycle show and poker run on Friday. He gets back late tonight. Baby Girl spent the past 2 nights at Grandma's. After making bacon and eggs for Little Man and his best friend this morning, I started cleaning house. They joined in and together we cleaned every room top to bottom. They vacuumed, dusted, wiped baseboards, window blinds and window sills. They cleaned the bathroom including toilet, tub, mirror, sink and counter, baseboards, door and scrubbed the tile floor. In the kitchen, they wiped the counter tops and again scrubbed the tile floor. They washed the wood floors throughout the house and cleaned the baseboards down the hallway and in the dining room. They gave the dog a bath and then swept the garage and the front porch.

During my marathon cleanings which lately have been few and far between, I usually get the front of the house good but then run out of steam before getting to my room. Today, they hit my room and oh I can't even begin to say how great a job they did. They vacuumed, wiped the baseboards, dusted the furniture and wiped all my picture frames on the dresser, and cleaned the blinds and window sill. In my closet, they moved all shoes, vacuumed and then wiped the baseboards. My bathroom is heavenly. They cleaned the toilet, jacuzzi tub and the shower, took care of the baseboards, wiped the mirror, and cleaned the counter and sink and then finished up by scrubbing the tile floor.

We went to town to pick up dinner around 9pm. They worked with me all day from 11 until 8:30. Before going home, I stopped by the ATM and pulled out $20.00 for each of them. Little Man is trying to save enough money for an IPOD. His best friend is saving for a new bike. They were ecstatic with the cash but no where near as happy as I was tonight taking a shower in my squeaky clean shower, brushing my teeth in my clean sink, and walking around oohing and ahhing over my beautifully clean house. They probably think I'm crazy (they know I am) but I kept going in their room interrupting their video game to give them hugs and kisses and thank them over and over and over again.

When we moved here 3 years ago, our square footage doubled. Where I could clean the smaller house top to bottom in a day with time left over, I can't here. And like I said, when I do clean, I run out of steam before touching my room and bathroom. I know if I was good, I'd clean a little as I go. Tackle one room per day, not attempt the entire house. The only problem is I've got to be in the mood and that doesn't strike often. Ohhhh, but there's not much better than a clean house and tonight, thanks to two 10 year old boys, my house is immaculate.

Thank you guys :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Entirely too Long Blog

It's Working - The lazy days of summer is definitely working for me. I love having no place to go and all day to get there. At the start of the summer, I browsed online trying to find activities (golf, bowling, tennis, art, whatever) for the kids. I looked around the house and saw projects I needed to complete. When met with the challenge of free time, my first instinct is to fill it. But after second thoughts, I've got the rest of the year to be busy, so for now a whole lotta nothing is working out just fine.

Not Working - There's only 4 weeks left until the kids have to go back to school and I return to work. I just realized it this morning, my how time flies.

It's Working - I weighed in this morning at 112, it's definitely working for me. Others have noticed. I'm loving it! Although the other day my son, his best friend and I were swimming when they started talking about weight, muscles (which both want, neither have) and such. His friend said that he thinks he's fat. I told him he wasn't, he's just right. To drive the point home, Little Man said, "Yea, you're NOT fat, this is fat" and pinched my gut. How wrong is that!

Not Working - Bumps on my face, bumps on my chest, it's not working for me. Some days I would call it acne. My face isn't so bad today, but it looks like I have the measles on my chest. I tried cortizone thinking maybe it's been an allergic reaction all summer long, but it didn't help either.

It's Working - Although others may disagree, my summer hairdo whether just been washed or just out of the pool is totally working for me. A little hair gel, twist back into clip and I'm good to go. No hairdryer, no curling iron and no flat iron. My make-up consists of a little concealer around my eyes (nothing will cover the bumps, I don't even try), eyeliner and mascara. I'm even going some without any makeup. Not my best look but I can get out of the shower and be ready in 10 minutes flat.

Not Working - Spending $80.00 and almost 3 hours for a cut and color at one of the cheaper franchised salons. I've decided after years of this, I'm gonna get color in a box from Walmart to cover my gray. Hubby even volunteered to help. I'm not sure of his intentions. Is it the money saved or the gray hair covered, who knows? Who cares! The gray hasn't bother me much but evidently it bothers my son because he keeps bringing it up, "Mom, your gray is really showing!" Last night, my mom said, "What color are you going next" a nice, subtle hint, don't you think.

Working - Hanging out with the kids and family. Sunday, Baby Girl and I played in the pool just the two of us. When we had enough sun, we climbed into my bed, ate Cheetos and watched "Tarzan." A few nights ago, Little Man drove me all around the neighborhood in his RZR (ATV). That night he climbed in bed with me and blogged while I read a book. Yesterday, we all went to the movies and saw "Ice Age." Last night, hubby made dinner and we ate on the patio. Afterwards we all jumped into the pool. The kids went inside just about the time the sun set. Hubby and I stayed outside and watched storm clouds gather. We must have watched for over an hour before the lightening ran us inside. It stormed all night long.

Not Working - The constant whining, griping, complaining and fighting. The kids are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies, no in between. Little Man aggravates and annoys his sister. Baby Girl whines, whines and whines. It crawls all over me, can't we all just get along? The other day, they started it up first thing. Hubby warned them if they didn't stop, they would get the worst spanking of their life. As you can guess, they didn't stop so hubby grabbed the paddle. Yep, it sounded like the worst spanking ever. Baby Girl came out of the room screaming. Little Man held it together somewhat because his friend was over. I must say, they were 100 times better for the rest of that day.

Working - I've got an inversion chair, think that's what it's called. You strap your feet in and hang upside down. I do it at least twice a day. It's uncomfortable at first but after everything stretches out, it's great. The instruction book says there's all sorts of health benefits from relieving back pain to increasing brain activity. Basically, more oxygen to the brain makes you smarter, Lord knows, I can use all the help I can get in that area.

Not Working - Over the past couple of years, I've had to travel for work. Sitting in the car for long periods of time is a pain in the butt, literally. I've been to the doctor who said it's my sciatic nerve. It feels like something is digging in at the top of my right butt cheek. It sometimes bothers me from my leg clear to my foot. The doctor prescribes steroids and muscle relaxers which usually works. Anyway, almost 4 weeks ago I went with a friend to Memphis for a quick 2 day trip. It started hurting then. Less than a week later, we had to go to Colorado, a 12 hour road trip, it hurt worse. It's weird, it doesn't hurt from over-exertion, just sitting. Tired of waiting it out, I called the doctor when we made it back into town. He called in the steroids and muscle relaxers. I thought it was helping at first but now with 1 pill left, it's still there. It's not an excruciating pain just a constant dull one. If I could just relax that muscle, it would be okay. Anyway, I have an appointment this afternoon.

Working - Hubby and I had 3 date nights last week. It wasn't planned, it just ended up that way. The first night we met another couple at the movies and saw "Public Enemies." It was really good for an action, shoot 'em up movie. I love Johnny Depp, he just gets better and better. The second date night, we went to the casino and saw the Motown group, the Four Tops. You know the song, "Sugar Pie, Honey bunch. You know that I love you. I can't help myself, I love you and Nobody Else." The concert was fun and free, can't beat that. Some of hubby's motorcycle friends met us there. One guy I'd met before was telling hubby about his new motorcycle. Hubby rides a Jackpot Victory Motorcycle. It looks like a chopper, all looks but zero comfort. Anyway, this guy just bought a Victory Vision which is like a GoldWing. He was talking about how great the ride was and that we should try it out. The seat is huge, it's like sitting in a lazyboy. The guy put Sirrius Satellite Radio on it. But what caught my attention, he said that he put a new accessory on the passenger's seat, a vibrator. Obviously, I thought he was joking, weird joke. He gave hubby the keys and said to take it for a spin. I jumped on back as he was giving hubby last minute instructions. The seat is huge and sits like a Lazyboy recliner. I was immediately sold but then he started it up and OMG!!! The seat vibrates! The more acceleration, the more it vibrates. Hubby's birthday is next week, guess what present I'm getting him :-) Our last date night, we went for double scoop ice cream cones, Mmmm.

Not Working - The more date nights you have, the more you want.

Working - Time to read. I've read some really good ones. I told you about "The Secret Life of Bees." It was great! One I picked up at the library is "What I Know Now" by Ellyn Spragins. The author has famous, successful women write a letter to their younger self. The author takes 1 to 2 pages to introduce the famous person and the time in their life the letter is meant for. Her introductions are okay, but most of the letters are priceless. Some are actors, singers, politicians, CEO's, writers, artists, Olympic medalists and more. A few of the women are Madelynn Albright, Nora Roberts, Trisha Yearwood, and Maya Angelo. She wrote another which I didn't think was as good called "If I'd Known Then." It's women in their 20's and 30's writing mostly to their teenage younger self. I've started reading Barbara Walters book "Audition." Her life is amazing, what a woman! Right now, I'm reading another one I found at the library, "Angry Conversations with God" by Susan E. Isaacs. I haven't decided yet if I'm sold or not. While some pages drag, it's got enough good moments to keep me reading. She writes the book as her "spiritual memoir." I can so relate to some of her experiences. It starts out with her life in the crapper. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, all her friends are getting married, her career takes a nose dive, which leaves her pissed off and depressed. A church friend calls to witness and bring her out of her funk. The friend recommends books to help; "Conversations with God" and "The Sacred Romance." Her response to the first is "Who on earth has conversations with God like that?" She says her conversations with God would be angry and go more like:

Susan: What the ______________, God? Are you trying to kill me?
God: Shut the ___________ up or I will!

The second book sparked her interest and thus writing her own book. If her relationship with God is like a marriage, then they need couples counseling because they aren't getting along. She finds a therapist for her and God whom she describes as being "a short guy in his late fifties with gray hair, buckteeth, and a Hawaiian shirt. . . He looked like Jimmy Buffett imitating a chipmunk." One funny line in the book she describes her christian walk as having been there, done that; I did it all. I've been washed in the blood, slain in the Spirit, I walked through the Bible, I've been baptized - twice. I've done outward cleansing and inner healing. I even went through a therapy program for ex-gays, and I was never gay. Through that insanity, even if pastors hurt me or friends let me down or entire denominations went Shiite on my ass, I still believed God was good - I just needed to find out where God went. Maybe it was a corner of a cathedral or monastery in the desert or a bench on the beach." Her book is an account of her life and the "counseling sessions" between her and God with whom she loves, can't escape and is highly pissed off at.

On a side note, isn't is funny how quick we are to get on our high horse, at least I am. Last week with family, the conversation turned to Michael Jackson. My son sarcastically brings up how much his death has been on TV. First off, besides seeing it on TV at the pizza place, he would have no idea what plays on TV. Since we don't have cable or satellite, we only watch TV when playing a movie on DVD. The family have seriously joked about how ill informed both hubby and I are because we don't watch the news or read the paper.

When my son opened the Michael Jackson door, another chimed in that he didn't get how dramatic they all had to be at the funeral with their big hats and glasses. That was it, my blood was boiling. I broke in with eyes blazing dealing first with my son. "Michael Jackson is one of the biggest stars that has ever been so if his memorial lasts all day and they talk about him for weeks, they should!" My son smarted back, "It's not like he's Elvis or something!" I snapped back, "Elvis died early, his career was cut short. Michael started when he was about your age and lasted over 30 years, you do the math."

Then to finish with the one that really got me going, I said "The big hat and glasses are a culture thing." As my pastor used to joke, when we had a little money, we'd wear it. When we had a little more, we'd drive it and so forth. To hit a little closer home I said, "Some might think you dramatic, with your big truck, big tires and 6ft lift." And with that, the conversation ended as I dismounted my high horse.

Thinking to myself, "how racists can you get? Thank God, I'm here to set them straight." But then something made me think about a friend whom I'm quick to judge. I quickly discounted that as comparing apples to oranges, not the same thing. 1 person is not an entire race, therefore I'm not racist. Then I thought about a friend of a friend who is Asian. I love the one but don't always get the other. I see her differences not as cultural but just plain weird. How about them apples!

As if this blog isn't long enough, here's more food for thought. While hanging out with a friend by the pool, she talked about her church. She says it's a great one and invited me to come try it out. Later the conversation turned to July 4th festivities. She says that her and her husband like to drink. She doesn't invite church people to their 4th of July bash. In fact, she doesn't really hang out with the people at her church for fear of being judged. Isn't that crazy! Shouldn't church be the last place you'd be judged?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jesus loves me, this I know

Baby Girl told me that she was going to try real hard to be good so she can get to heaven. She wants to go there with Great Paw Paw, who is close to flying away, and the rest of us when it's our turn to make the trip up yonder. Until a few weeks ago, my reply would have been something like “That’s right, if you’re really good, you will go to heaven too.” After all, the road to heaven is narrow and less traveled while the other way is wide with bumper to bumper traffic.

But instead, my answer was "Like Daddy and I, Jesus loves you, no matter what!" Stealing lines from a video recently emailed to me, I said, "Jesus won’t love you more if you’re real good and won’t love you less if you’re real bad. He loves you no matter what and so do I."

I hope I can live up to that promise.

Before her, I was scared that I couldn’t equally love 2 children. I still don’t know how that will all work out. Obviously, you have your personality and they will have their own. Our likes and dislikes, interests, values and opinions, form who we are. We choose our friends by the things we share in common? The more you have in common, the closer the friend. Actions are a deal breaker though. Loves a two way street, if you don’t make me “feel good", all bets are off at least for a while.

Oh, but family’s a different story, or is it? You can’t choose your family, you’re stuck with what you get. However, you can spend more time, give more help and in the end offer more love to some more than others. These precious few that you find you have more “in common” with will become your favorite aunts, uncles, grandmothers, granddads and cousins. So, how will it be any different with how you love and treat your children?

At church, I learned His love, grace, blessings, and salvation are not based on works, well that and John 3:16. I remember making fun of the Jehovah Witnesses because they'd work so hard for what they can't buy. We use to sing songs, “You can’t get to heaven in roller skates, you’ll roll right by those pearly gates.”

Nope, I know His love is not based on works. But Jesus loves me this I know. . . He will bless you 7 fold, if you tithe and give generous offerings. He’ll give you a ticket to heaven, if you’re baptized in Jesus name among other things. He’ll move mountains if you just have faith. So, on the flip side, if you don’t give He won’t bless, if you’re not dunked, He’ll turn away and if you’re found with doubt, He won’t lift a finger? That kinda sounds like work, a lot of work.

Please God, teach me love my children as (I'm beginning to think and hope) You love me, no matter what.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Trip to the Farm

I'm such a jerk! Last Wednesday night while hanging out around the pool with Mom, Dad and Janice, hubby calls to tell me that we have to leave in the morning for Colorado. His grandpa is in the hospital and the doctors are only giving him 24 to 48 hours left to live. We had already planned to go for a visit later in the week but under the circumstances needed to get there ASAP. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the trip and although I had nothing planned, I was not at all excited about leaving early.

The thought of his parents, Great Grandma, the kids, hubby and I packed like sardines in my van for 12 hours straight just didn't appeal to me. In fact, I was convinced it would be nothing short of pure torture. And how we were going to get every one's luggage plus Great Grandma's wheelchair in the back would be a feat in itself. Knowing that most of the family would be flying or driving in, I was also worried about the sleeping arrangements. I asked hubby's parents a couple of times if they knew who all were coming and if their house could accommodate everyone. They didn't know and weren't all that concerned. All I could think about was that they'd pretty much be at the hospital around the clock and I'd be stuck with the kids and great grandma at the house. On top of it all, I'm still having stomach issues from Mexico. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper.

I asked hubby and grandma a few times "Wouldn't it be better if I stayed home with the kids and great grandma," praying they'd have mercy and let me off the hook. To me it only made sense, the kids would have their toys and I could babysit great grandma in the comforts of my house while they said their goodbyes and made funeral arrangements there. How self-centered can you be?

Last summer, they all went for a visit and had a blast. I didn't go because mom was in the hospital trying to get through her last few radiation treatments. I rationalized it out that with Great Paw Paw on his death bed, this trip would not be the same as the last. No one saw it my way, so I gave up and started packing.

We all piled in the van along with all our stuff Thursday morning and drove straight to Colorado. It really wasn't too bad. The kids watched TV while I started a really good book, Barbara Walters life story Auditions. Listening to the radio sometime that morning, we heard that Farrah had passed away. I couldn't help but worry about Mom and how she would take the news. I checked on the Colon Club to see what they were saying. Like so many, she fought so hard to live. Later that day a couple of hours from Maw Maw's house, we heard that Michael Jackson had passed away. I couldn't believe it!

When we made it to Maw Maw's house, 7 other family members were already there. We loaded up pretty quickly and headed for the hospital. He was in ICU hooked up to a bazillion tubes and wires. He came to when we walked in the room, recognized everyone and carried on a conversation. Even with life support, his breathing was labored. It was hard to watch hubby and his dad standing by his bed. Maw Maw had the doctors keep him hooked up until all the kids could be there. Although it all could be seen in their faces, they only made small talk pretty much about nothing.

That night back at Maw Maw's, we slept on the hideaway bed in the living room giving his parents and Great Grandma the only bedroom left. The kids slept in sleeping bags on the floor. The next morning I felt terrible. Although I slept good, I was still tired and my stomach was really upset which had me in and out of the bathroom. Not wanting to go back to the hospital, hubby and his parents decided we'd go sight seeing. So after driving 12 hours here, we all loaded back into the van to drive up the mountain. We left about mid-morning and with the exception of a couple of bathroom breaks and lunch, we did not get out of the van until we made it back to Maw Maw's around dinner time.

They all love to take drives, I don't! I'd rather fly than drive any day of the week. Anyway, there I sat in the back of the van with the kids winding up the mountain trying to pretend to "sight see" but truthfully getting sicker and sicker with each curve of the road. When we finally made it to the top of the mountain, I literally had to run for the bathroom. Oh and while the temperature was in the 80's at the house, it was raining and barely 40 at the top. We about froze in our shorts and t-shirts. Luckily, I grabbed jackets for me and the kids before we left that morning. Coming down the mountain, I didn't even try and pretend to sight see but put my head in Little Man's lap and fell asleep.

For the first few days, I didn't feel good, stayed grumpy and pretty negative (if only in my mind) about everything from the relatives and their small talk to the huge pile of manure dumped right behind the house. They pretty much have a farm here with cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and a garden. The manure is fertilizer for the garden, why it's dumped right out back rather than down by the garden, I have no idea! The house does not have air conditioning which is no big deal at night but pretty miserable during the heat of the afternoon sun. The windows have to stay open all the time. With the big pile of manure directly behind the house, well you can imagine the smell inside and out. YUCK!

I guess I've not given it much thought but when you are with all your family the conversation usually turns to your past. With my family, that would be music, church, and old friends and family. It's gotta be pretty boring for my husband being that he wasn't raised in church, his taste in music is a far cry from the country, old rock, and church hymns we usually wind up singing and he doesn't know most of the people who end up in our conversations. Now the shoe's on the other foot as I sit watching and listening to them.

After a few days, I started feeling better. I noticed how much fun everyone was having. Paw Paw entertained Baby Girl outside with all the farm animals. Uncle George was a hit with both the kids. Now get this, he's a graduate from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College, where ever that is. His clown face is trademarked so that no one else can wear the makeup like he does. He's also retired after serving 20 years in the Air Force. He entertained Baby Girl off and on this week by singing and playing the guitar to John Denver songs. Little Man was entranced by Uncle George's magic tricks. He even taught Little Man to do a few.

The adults socialized on the patio in front of the manure during the day and played cards at the dinner table each night. The kids, hubby and Paw Paw went to the rodeo. Uncle George's kids flew in from San Francisco on Sunday. His son is a really cool kid. He's 19, loves the outdoors which automatically impressed Baby Girl and loves video games which won Little Man's over. He and Baby Girl caught a little bunny yesterday out front and today Little Man stayed by his side playing DS Gameboys all day. I'm not sure how much fun he is having but he's being a great sport and the kids are having a blast!

And the biggest shocker of all, I'm having fun and would gladly come back. We went shopping in Estes Park (a little resort town an hour from here), enjoyed the sights and didn't get sick while riding back up the mountain (well at least half way), went to the rodeo fair, rode in the side car of Uncle James' motorcycle, and even enjoyed the company of my relatives out in front of the poop pile. Uncle George performed a gob of amazing magic tricks, he's really good. I thought being family and all, he would share some of his secrets with me, NOPE. Sure, he'll teach my son a few but not me.

Yesterday everyone went to the hospital while Baby Girl, Great Grandma and I stayed at the house. Baby Girl watched TV, I grabbed my laptop and Great Grandma dosed in the chair next to me. When she woke up, she insisted on taking a bath. She can't do anything but thinks she can do it all by herself. I told her, "No, you can't take a bath," but she just kept on and on. She kept getting out of the chair and I'd make her sit back down. Finally, I made the chair recline to keep her from getting up. This didn't deter her one bit. Not able to figure out how to push the chair in, she started sliding out of the chair to the floor. Lord, she about tipped the whole thing over on herself. Giving in, I took her to the bathroom, stripped her down, and got her into the shower. Great Paw Paw's chair was in the tub which made it easy. I took the hand held shower head and gave it to her. When I turned my back, she aimed the water right at me. Not only did I get soaked but also the bathroom. My question is this, "Is the joke on me or is she really totally out of her mind?" About that time, everyone returned and Grandma came in the bathroom. She said that she gave her a shower this morning. I explained how determined Great Grandma was to get a shower and get this. With a straight face Great Grandma said, "I didn't want to take a shower." That stinking liar! Like bathing her was at the top of my list that afternoon. Geez!

Great Paw Paw is still hanging in there. Today, they are moving him to hospice and then will take him off everything. The doctor who gave him 24 to 48 hours is now giving him a week at best. Little Man asked to go see him. Reluctantly, I let him go with Daddy and Paw Paw. Great Paw Paw looks pretty bad but I guess it went well because Little Man only had good things to say about the visit.

If nothing changes, we'll head for home tomorrow. Tonight I'm with the guys, the kids and Great Grandma while the rest have gone to the rodeo. Hubby just got grossed out sitting next to Great Grandma. Evidently, she went to the bathroom earlier (not on my watch, I might add) but didn't get her pants up right. With her depends up her butt like a thong and her pants down, he totally got mooned. See what I mean, maybe she's bored and needs a good laugh. Hubby was NOT laughing. But he did laugh when the cow started mooing and I thought it was Great Grandma snoring beside me. While there's no doubt I'm no farm girl, I have enjoyed the visit here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Grandma

I'm in Colorado listening to Baby Girl run through the house yelling the alarm, "Great Great Grandma, Great Great Grandma is getting up!" I'm in the next room and feel responsible for checking on her but just plain don't want to. More times than not, I try to help Grandma with Great Grandma.

Like tonight after dinner, everyone was sitting around the table talking. Great Grandma can't get up on her own but does anyway and thus falls alot. She started trying to get up from the table wanting to go to the living room. Maybe she wanted to watch TV, have a change of scenery, or like me, had enough of the table talk.

Just before she made her move out of the chair, everyone started talking politics. Lord help us. One asked if we'd heard the North Koreans are going to test their nuclear weapons on us 4th of July. Tribulation is next week and I haven't even got a fallout shelter or rapture beans, beer and Band-Aids ready. Another said that scientists say the year 2012 will be the end of the world or close to it. The moon, sun and earth are gonna line up in a way it's never done before causing all sorts of disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods and more all at the same time!

All agreed that of course, Obama will not be able to handle it. In fact, rumor has it that Obama wasn't even born in the U.S. but instead in Kenya so by law, he can't be president. Also, he paid people to vote for him, therefore McCain really won. In fact, everyone they know either voted for McCain or didn't vote at all proof the election was rigged. Obama didn't even have money to afford a campaign until that Oprah threw all her money into it, damn her! And you know, both her and Obama are not even Christian but "Mooselums." And worst of all, can you believe that the President of the United States is named Obama, that's just not American!

Yep, that was about the time Great Grandma made her move and I literally jumped at the opportunity to take her anywhere she wanted to go. Her walking is getting really bad. She won't stand straight but instead bends over and shuffles side to side. It almost looks like she's trying to do a jig the way she takes little bounces not actually moving forward just side to side. She reminds me of E.T, she walks just like him. As we shuffled towards the living room, Hubby is standing in the kitchen just watching me struggle with her. I told him to come help, it's his grandma after all. You know he doesn't even seem to feel an ounce of responsibility, so why in the world do I?

Great Grandma has been left in the living room while everyone else hangs out on the back patio. Thinking she's missing out on fun, Great Grandma tries to get up and is busted by Grandma. Grandma's stress level is climbing so I give in and go see if I can help. I wish I could say my motives are completely genuine stemming from a feeling of responsibility and need to help Grandma but in all actuality, tonight I helped out of guilt for not being social. Maybe they won't think I'm a total snob and computer addict if I help with Great Grandma so they can continue their discussion outside.

Sitting with Great Grandma, she asks where her husband, Stephen, is? Her husband has been dead for over 40 years but trying to move past the subject I just say he's home. It's not quite the truth but it's not totally a lie, he's hopefully in his heavenly home, right? Besides if I can get her off subject, she won't remember in a few short minutes. Hubby comes in to help. He tells her "Grandma, he's dead and has been dead for over 40 years!" She's upset and thinks everyone is lying to her. Now, Grandma comes in upset as well and begins yelling.

The fact is Great Grandma is not in her familiar surrounding and just wants to go home and back to her normal routine. So sad, her mind is totally gone. The other day when talking to grandma, she was saying that getting all her doctors and medicaid lined out has been a struggle. Great Grandma has lived with hubby's parents for 4 years. She's been sick on and off, was taken to the doctor for medicine and got better. She takes all sorts of pills each morning to stay "healthy."

With all the medical advancements in medicine and technology, doctors keep bodies alive long after the mind is gone. Grandma is concerned about keeping Great Grandma healthy but tonight in frustration said, oh the party she's gonna throw when Great Grandma passes. I know it sounds terrible but literally Great Grandma can't do anything therefore Grandma does it all. She can't walk, bathe herself, wipe her butt, feed herself, get dressed, she can't do anything! Grandma and Paw Paw get so frustrated with her. I get aggravated too the few times I watch her.

Last night around 3am, Great Grandma tried to get in bed with me and hubby. She somehow managed to get out of bed, go to the bathroom and shuffle without falling to the living room where we slept on the hideaway. I took her back to the bed she's sharing with Grandma and Baby Girl. Paw Paw is on an air mattress on the floor. I then went to the bathroom and stepped in a puddle of pee around the toilet. As she's done before, she didn't pull her depends and pants down far enough so when she peed, it went everywhere. I went back to their room, informed Grandma of the incident and to check Great Grandma's pj's which are soaked and then began a search through the house for bathroom cleaner. I got it cleaned and made it back to bed where my husband snores oblivious to all the excitement.

I didn't know her before she lost her mind so I don't have any history or connection with her. I use to think it would make a difference but now I'm not so sure. It doesn't seem to make a difference with the rest.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Protective or Paranoid

There's a fine line between protective and paranoid when it comes to your kids. Baby Girl wanted to play with a little girl from school this summer. This girl's mom does not come to school functions so I haven't had the opportunity to get to know her like some other moms. However, her daughter seems nice enough so before the school year ended, I got their phone number.

I called last week and invited the little girl over to swim. I hoped her mom would hang out too so I could get to know her, but no such luck. She dropped her daughter off and left. When I took the little girl home, her and her husband invited Baby Girl to spend the night. I made up some lame excuse and said maybe next time. Baby Girl was furious! The mom said to give her a call and next time the girls could play at her house.

Yesterday, after listening to my daughter beg for hours, I called the mom and set up a play date. I should have stayed and took the opportunity to get to know her but I was suppose to meet Grandma. After only a few minutes and making sure that she had my cell number, I left. Like the great mom that I am, at Grandma's I left my phone in the car. When I made it back to the car, I noticed that I had missed a call from her almost an hour earlier, Yikes. My heart picked up speed as I called her back. It was not an emergency but . . .

She informed me that the girls wanted to go swimming and she was calling to get my approval. Since she couldn't reach me, she went ahead and let the girls go. Okay, here's the kicker. Her 18 year old daughter and a friend took my six year old to a public pool in the city. In shock, I was like "Oh, okay?" and got off the phone with her. Kicking myself for not having my phone on me and freaking out that my daughter is with an 18 year old somewhere in town, I began driving home.

While in route, I called my husband who got onto me for not having my phone but said don't over-react, she's fine. As I got closer to home, I began to panic. I called a couple of friends who said listen to your gut instinct and go get her. So a half a mile from home, I turned the car around and flew into the city as fast as possible.

Husband said that if you let the kids go to some one's house than you must trust their judgment otherwise you don't let them go. There are friends whom I trust and wouldn't think anything about Baby Girl going to town with or without my knowing but for starters, they are NOT 18 years old. I left Baby Girl in the Mom's supervision, not the 18 year old's. We don't even have teenagers, or single people for that matter, watch our kids. If family or close family friends can't babysit, we don't go. And as far as yesterday goes, if the girls were at my house wanting to go here or there and I couldn't reach a parent, the answer would have been NO!

All the way to the pool, I was thinking of the top three things that could go wrong.

1. Car Wreck - I know how I drove at 18.

2. Intentions - What are the teenagers talking about, are they meeting boys? (Once upon a time I had a teenage step sister who I don't keep in touch with now. I would tag along as she went out with friends and boyfriends. Needless to say, I got an earful and eyeful before I was ready)

3. Supervision - Are they watching the girls? Baby Girl is an awesome swimmer so that's not so much my concern as someone taking her. Kids are abducted if not every day at least each week where we live. Our city has the Amber Alert signs on the interstates coming in and out of the city. I don't think of myself as a fearful parent and the kids even play unsupervised out front but regardless it stays in the back of my mind.

I made it to the pool and spotted Baby Girl with friends playing in the shallow end. I walked over and squatted down to talk to her. The scary, wild teenager came forward and politely introduced herself. She was in the pool directly behind the girls. Everything was fine. She appeared very responsible, there weren't any boys or wild friends hanging around and Baby Girl and her friends were having a blast.

I took Baby Girl home with me anyway. She wasn't as upset as I thought she'd be. I called the mom again with a lame excuse of why I had to pick Baby Girl up. I will invite the little girl over to play at my house but for now, will not let her go back over there. At least, not until I get to know her mom. Lesson learned if only for my peace of mind and sanity, my kids will not go to some one's house if I haven't got much passed introduction with the parent.

I texted my best friend last night and said hubby thinks I over-react, ya think? She texted me back and said, "You're a little overprotective and that's ok, I am too! There should be more moms like us." I agree, sister. As a concellation, I let Baby Girl spend the night with Grandma last night. She was happy.

Off the subject, Little Man about talked my ear off last night. The subject turned to a story that he'd seen on the news at Grandma's house. With a serious face, he said a drunk driver hit some people riding their bikes on the elbow of the road. I laughed so hard I couldn't talk for several minutes. After such a stressful afternoon, that was perfect. Not knowing what was so funny, I explained to him it's the shoulder not elbow of the road.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gift from Mexico

I have NOT spoken much to the other two couples who went to Mexico with us. I have NOT done much of anything this week. Honestly, I feel like crap. Serves me right for such immoral, irresponsible, immature behavior. I complained some to my husband of stomach issues but would NOT whine to my friends who had to put up with my drunk, stupid ass in Mexico.

We met my husband's parents and one of the above couples for dinner tonight. She brought up that they both had not felt well this week. She went on to describe the same symptoms I had. I called the other couple after dinner to find that both she and her husband have also had the same symptoms all week long.

On the way home, I did NOT go to the minor emergency. The nurse did NOT ask if I might be pregnant, God Forbid. I told her, "NO chance, my husband is fixed." She did NOT proceed to tell me that a former patient had it done, his grew back and his wife ended up pregnant. Wondering why the hell she's telling me all this, I reply, "Well, as on most vacations, I had my period and besides if I'm pregnant, so are 5 others who went with me, 3 of which are men!"

The doctor did NOT come in the examining room, listen to my symptoms of stomach and bathroom issues and ask, "Did you use any protection?" With an "OH MY GOD" look on my face, I whispered, "Uh, my husband is fixed. I think we are (Gulp) protected." He gave me a weird look and said, "Did you take any medication before traveling to prevent sickness?" Of course that's what he meant, how embarrassing! But What would you have thought if asked that same question?

My friends and I do NOT suffer from Montezuma's Revenge! I do NOT have to fast a couple of days only drinking clear liquids and take antibiotic to get better. Well I guess, there's the proof . . .

I went to Mexico after all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I did NOT . . .

A friend in the blogging world will sometimes write posts simply titled, "I did NOT . . ." I love reading these posts and think it's the best way to blog about certain events that did NOT take place on my trip to Mexico.

I'm not sure I really even went to Mexico but if I did I most certainly did NOT spend 8 days and nights in a beautiful villa in Puerta Vallarta living the lifestyles of the rich and famous where the likes of Mel Gibson, Vin Diesl and Wynnona Ryder stayed. I'm sure it's just all an incredible dream. I did NOT sleep in the same bed as the gorgeous Vin Diesl and speaking of dreams (no worries honey), I definitely did NOT even once have a dream about that Fast and Furious Heart-throb.

I did NOT have breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs, toast, bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice served to me each morning and a beautiful dinner cooked for me each night. I did NOT have a personal waiter whose sole purpose was to continually bring me Mango Margaritas, chips, salsa and guacamole while I sunbathed next to a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the ocean and scenic rocks of Bandaras Bay. Like that's NOT hard enough to imagine, but even more ridiculous, NOT having any dirty dishes, loads of laundry or house to clean for an entire week, are you kidding me? If I truly went there, I'd not only remember but never come back, I'm NOT stupid, you know!

I did NOT get drunk after several margaritas and a couple of shots of tequila on the beach in Mismaloya and pay good, hard-earned pesos for temporary works of body art commonly referred to as tattoos. So,how ink stains got on my bikini, why a butterfly flutters above the crack of my butt, why a little frog is stretched out sunning near the top of my shoulder or, what the heck, an ugly bug-eyed toad is doing squatting on the fat part of my gut, I just don't know . . . but I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation.

I did NOT get sun poisoning within the first 2 days there and have bumps resembling acne covering my chest for the remainder of the trip. I am now NOT peeling and looking like a cross between a lizard and a leper. And those crazy acne looking bumps have NOT migrated north to my face making me a prime candidate for Pro-Active. Trust me, it's so very attractive!

I did NOT have multiple massages on the beach for $25.00 per hour, get real. If that were the case, I'd still be on that Mexican Beach. There'd also be some kind of lasting side effects from numerous "spa treatments." For instance, I'd be relaxed this peaceful evening sipping a glass of tea oblivious to my dog barking and my kids screaming, whining and fighting around me instead of with tension in my neck and shoulders, pounding in my head, and the paddle in my hand demanding silence or else, So Help Me . . . Some One's Gonna Get Hurt!!!!!

I did NOT enjoy Puerta Vallartan Art and Sculptures and even pose with said displays. Let's face it, the only art I've enjoyed over the past few years have been crayon masterpieces drawn by chubby, little orange Cheetos' covered fingers and art designs created from macaroni noodles, various colored pipe cleaners and cotton balls. I could NOT have leisurely strolled from shop to shop for days on end. The highlight of my shopping experience most generally takes place at Walmart, Target or Sam's. Besides, for any leisurely shopping to have occured, I would have been without kids, yeah right!

I did NOT para-sail high above a remote beach, zip line through a dense jungle, hold a slimy jellyfish, pet a crocodile, sorta smoke a cigar (of course like Clinton, I did NOT inhale), snorkel around a reef with schools of fish surrounding me or relax in a boat while watching a herd of dolphins jump all around. That could NOT have been me because the extent of my adventures nowadays center around running errands with the kids, cooking for family functions and wiping Great Grandma's Butt. Besides as a Mom, I must always maintain the epitome of all things cautious, responsible and sensible, as seen from the minivan I drive to the clothes I wear.

Okay, so all the did NOTS have so far been fairly mild. Beware, the following is Rated R for Mature Audiences containing questionable content including brief nudity, an extreme lack of morals, and over-indulgence of alcohol. Turn Back Now or forever hold your peace.

I did NOT do 3 shots of Tequila after drinking a couple of loaded Margaritas the last night in Puerta Vallarta. I did NOT repeatedly dance with our waiter at the restaurant who, I might say, looked just like a young Mel Gibson only Mexican.

I should soooo stop at this point but here's a few more things I totally did NOT do.

I, with my best friend, did NOT moon my husband, friends and driver in the taxi behind us on the way up to our villa. That taxi driver did NOT flash his bright lights and lay on his horn in appreciation of the show. I did NOT invite the taxi driver inside to swim, (good thing he knew little English) and was NOT so drunk that I couldn't walk but had to be carried like a sack of potatoes from the taxi into the villa. I was NOT embarrassed of my actions and did NOT swear to NEVER do tequila shots ever, EVER Again!

I am now NOT depressed, I am NOT going through a mid life crisis and have NOT spent the last few days looking on-line for houses for sale in Puerta Vallarta. This afternoon, I did NOT give my husband the go ahead to put our house up for sale, declaring I would seriously move if he wanted to. I am NOT really considering home-schooling my kids, that would be cruel and unusual punishment for all parties included! I am NOT truly planning on deserting my life here stateside with all it's stress and worry from the daily grind and rat race for the promise of a better life in Mexico, now that would be crazy!

By the way, if you haven't already, go see the movie, "UP" it's awesome!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Would You Introduce Jesus?

Dad forwarded this email to me. I've now watched it several times. It's awesome! It's Steve Harvey, the comedian, at the end of his comedy routine. The subject is: "How Would You Introduce Christ to a Room Full of People?"
For a moment, you'll forget he's a comedian and not a preacher, and
this is an audience and not a congregation. It's really powerful, check it out! It's at the very bottom of my blog. (You'll have to stop my music to hear him)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

This is the life. I swear, I could get use to this. We've had breakfast made for us each morning. Maria, our cook, is awesome. She's made huevos rancheros, french toast and a huge bowl of bacon and fresh fruit. All of it is sooo good, but I pretty much concentrate on the Kiwi, Strawberries, Bananas and Pineapple. Oh, and the fresh squeezed orange juice will totally spoil you too.

We've spent the days on the beach drinking margaritas and eating chips, guacamole and salsa. Friday afternoon, Sam saw the ocean for the first time and together we stuck our feet in officially kicking off the week of fun. Saturday and Sunday, we stayed on the beach in Mesmolya which is just down from our villa. Ramone was our beach bartender last time we were in Puerta Vallarta. He's not there anymore so we found a new bartender or I should say, she found us. Brenda took us to Margaritaville with Mango and Strawberry Margaritas and even a couple shots of Tequila. Sunday, yo estoy muey borracho. How drunk was I, you ask? I'm not sure. I didn't throw up or pass out, but I did pick up a jellyfish (luckily it didn't sting me) and took a picture with an iguana on my head. (I'll post that pic later) Sam and I had massages on the beach (totally awesome and priced right at $25.00 per hour), got a couple of tattoos (it's a real beauty . . . how it got here I haven't a clue) and all in all had the time of our life.

Today, Brenda and her husband took us south of Mesmoyla by boat. They have a fishing boat with the motor at the back which you use to steer. We started the day snorkeling at the big rocks directly across from our villa. Hubby pulled some hermit crabs off a reef for me to see. One was in a purple looking shell, it was so pretty. Afterwards, we headed south for Yulapa. About halfway there, we ran into a school of dolphin. There's no telling how many there were but I'm not kidding, they were jumping out of the water all around us. They even swam next to the boat for a while. I could have reached out and touched them, they were so close.

Both Sam and I agree, the beaches south of Mesmoyla are awesome. There's no road, you must travel by boat to get there. Those beaches have better sand (Mesmoyla is rockier) and the water is crystal clear with a shade of aqua near the shore and a deep blue further out. Hubby and I para-sailed at one of the beaches. It was exhilarating soaring like a bird over the beach and ocean. Everyone on shore looked like ants. It was a little scary coming in for the landing because for a moment you are directly over the huts on the beach rather than the ocean.

We've hit town to shop and hang out several evenings as well. Some nights we took a taxi but the last couple of times, we rode the bus. I'd say both are equally interesting. All of the taxi drivers here could qualify in Nascar races, no lie. They zoom up and down the streets like their being chased by the Road Runner. The bus drivers are just as fearless. Even though their mode of transportation can't go as fast as the taxi's, they push it to the limit and amazingly cut through the crowded streets of Puerta Vallarta with only inches to spare from cars, street signs and pedestrians. I love to watch, listen and sometimes even talk to the locals. My Spanish is pretty weak but it's fun trying anyway. Tonight, we ate at my parents favorite restaurant, Daiquiri Dick's. The menu has changed from the last time we were there, but it is still good.

After breakfast tomorrow, we'll go back to the beach for the majority of the day. We are going on the zip line tour in the jungle on Wednesday and plan to do the Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise later this week.

Puerta Vallarta

Hola, from beautiful Puerta Vallarta! It's almost 1am, everyone is asleep and I'm stretched out on the sectional in the living room. The front side of this room is completely open with the infinity pool and ocean in perfect view, couldn't get away with this at home, we'd be attacked by June Bugs and Mosquitos. The waves are crashing into the rocks below like soft music playing as I type on my laptop. I can see the shadows from the alter of rocks emerging from the ocean with soft lights of the city way off in the distance. There's a dive boat that's been puttering around for the last hour. I watched the diver's flashlights cutting through the water from our room's balcony for the last hour. Year's ago, I scuba dived in Florida during the day but never at night.

We arrived here just after lunch today. I had major anxiety the first time I experienced the airport here. I wasn't expecting that reaction, but the realization of being in a foreign country away from the security of home hit me hard. Just before we landed then as today, the flight attendants brought around papers for us to complete before going through customs. Three years ago, we did not pull directly to a concourse but unloaded by taking the stairs down onto the runway. All the passengers were crammed onto an old bus like sardines. There weren't any seats just poles here and there for us to cling to. All the windows were down, there wasn't any air conditioning. When the bus pulled up in front of the airport, we all were marched off and herded into the building. Customs was weird. Everyone standing in line nervously waiting for those in uniforms to inspect our passports and documents to decide if we can continue on. our journey.

This time was different. I must admit, I was a little disappointed. I wanted our friends with us to have that same experience. I'm not sure why, maybe so I could sit back and watch their reactions as first timers. As any other airport you've been in, today the plane pulled up to a newly built concourse. Different from last time, there was a nurse standing with a thermometer checking each passengers temperature before allowing them access to customs. I guess remnants of the Swine Flu. None of us had fever and were permitted on through customs, we found the baggage claim and then the real fun began. As we searched for the van sent from our villa, we were bombarded by what seemed like hundreds of people offering to "help" with our luggage and offer taxi rides but mostly trying to sell time shares. These people have the high pressure, hard sell down to a tee. But I've been here, done that so we said "No" firmly and kept moving till we found our guy.

As we got into his van, he offered us beer and water from the cooler. The guys took him up on the Mexican beer and the girls the water. Ron was a little nervous about drinking the beer while sitting in the front seat rolling down the road with open container law in the back of his mind. He felt the urge to hide it between his legs when not drinking. We drove away from the airport, passed some big resorts, into the newer and then older part of downtown cruising on cobblestone streets and finally up toward our villa in Mismaloya. The villa we stayed in three years ago (Casa de los lomas) was awesome but this one is just incredible. I can't even begin to describe it, pictures are best. Our villa is called Casa Azul Profundo. Check out their site; http://www.casaazulprofundo.com/principal.htm

We met the host, the maid and then as I was entering the kitchen hubby grabbed my arm and said, "Look, it's Maria!" I couldn't believe it, our cook from the villa three years ago will be our cook this week. She remembered us from the time before and gave us great big hugs. How cool is that!

There's so much more I want to say but it's 2am and breakfast is at 9am. Tomorrow is Ron's birthday. I think it's safe to say, it'll be one of the best birthdays EVER! More later. . .

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ode to Melancholy

When pulling up my blog, Carlton Pearson started singing. I wish I could go back to those Higher Dimensions days if not but for 1 service. What an amazing church, probably won't ever be another like it. It's kinda sad, I think I attended the best church of my life as a teenager. I totally dug the praise and worship but unfortunately tuned out for most of his sermons and when I was listening, I was too young and dumb to get even half of his jokes. The memories I do have are great. Now those days, just like that song, is gone and Rod Stewart is singing "You're in my heart." Gotta love the irony.

Tonight, Little Man watched the new James Bond movie with daddy while I painted Baby Girl's nails a glittery purple color that she picked out at Walmart. I stink at painting nails I guess due to lack of experience. I've bit my nails for the majority of my life. As I painted trying desperately to smooth out the clumps at the tips of her nails, she offered encouragement by saying "You're doing really good, alot better than last time." Ouch. After I finished her sloppy manicure and pedicure, I started making cookies, I'm great with the kind that you just pull apart, stick on a tray and slide in the oven. When Little Man saw the package on the counter he said, "You're making cookies at 11:06 at night, you're the best mom EVER!" I needed that! I packed there clothes to go to grandparents tomorrow. Daddy and I will finish packing our stuff and leave on Friday for Mexico. Loretta Lynn is now singing. I remember every time she'd come on the radio when I was young, Dad would excitedly chime in "Get Back, Loretta!" I'm not sure why?

I took dinner tonight to a friend from church. She's had all sorts of painful health issues. Right now, fibermalagia causes most of her pain. She brought dinner to Mom a couple of times last summer. At that time, Mom was in alot of pain but refusing to take her pain meds like she should. Wren was able to talk and connect with Mom concerning it all better than anyone. She's such a wonderful person. God, I pray the treatment she's receiving works so she can get back to living life.

Now, Heidi Newfield is singing Johnny and June. Man, Hubby and I really need this time away together. You know, there's times when we are more perfect together than Johnny and June and then there' s the other times when we don't see anything eye to eye and struggle around every turn. I'm sure its nothing a few hours on the beach with friends and couple of margaritas can't fix.

Well now it's 12:46, Ray Charles is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the low battery light on my laptop is blinking and I'm dosing.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Not Just Sports

Growing up, I played ball. What I lacked in natural ability, I like to think I made up with in heart. Still all those basketball, softball, volleyball and even football games compares nothing to watching Baby Girl play, that tops it all.

In talking with friends tonight as our kids roasted marshmallows for smores (Baby Girl kept calling them snores) around a campfire, he said that he never could imagine one of his kids not being athletic. He got a athletic scholarship in college and now is a coach. His wife also got a athletic scholarship and is still active today. How would either one of them enjoy or even relate to a non athletic child?

Welp, they got the chance to answer that question after the birth of their first child. The second child is a natural athlete but not the first. Shocking him, he quickly learned that he would feel no difference between the two. He loves watching one excel in sports but feels the same pride and adrenaline rush when watching his first performing in musicals and plays.

I know exactly how he feels. Baby Girl is a natural born athlete. She's so much fun to watch when playing basketball and softball. I'm hoping to get her into tennis this summer and maybe gymnastics at some point. Little Man is on the other end of the spectrum. He's not athletic, competitive or physical. But when he won the Spelling Bee this year, well it was every bit as exciting as the best game Baby Girl ever played. When he got 1st in the Science Fair, I was beyond proud as when Baby Girl hit her home run at the end of the season.

Although there aren't competitions for building (or none that I know of), when Little Man builds with his Lego's, hot wheels tracks and Knex stuff, it's amazing. He spends hours creating in his room scrutinizing over each piece. He can follow manuals to a tee to create all sorts of creatures and machines. Then, he can turn around and create something equally as cool straight from his imagination. I'm astonished with both. I couldn't do anything like that on my own or by following directions. He also loves to write and can draw like you wouldn't believe.

While he's not naturally athletic, he loves the comradery of being on a team. Right now, the only team activities offered centers around sports. But in the future, I can so see him doing academic bowls, debate teams, in book clubs and participating in a science clubs. Maybe he'll be one of those science kids on the David Letterman Show. Dad mentioned that he might try golf. It's a team sport but is not physical but extremely mental. I'm thinking about putting him a summer program like Hook a Kid on Golf which teaches him the basics of the game and he'll walk away with his own clubs, golf bag and such.

I know those activities are not nearly as popular as sports, but for me, there's no difference. I watch the softball championship and dream of Baby Girl there one day. When I see Little Man lost in a world of Lego's, I dream of him as an engineer or architect. It's funny, after he won the Spelling Bee, he mentioned that he thinks it increased his popularity, maybe kids, like me, are beginning to appreciate things other than just sports, at least for a few days.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love

i love this book. I just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Oh my gosh, it was awesome. I loved the movie but love the book even more. Books like that really make me want to write.

I love my playlist. When working at my desk, I listen to the songs on my blog. My husband does not love my music so much but suffers through the songs anyway. I didn't realize the kids listened but the other day I was watching Baby Girl play on the swing set. She was singing Carlton Pearson's song, Catch on Fire. Her version was . . . "I wish somebody's pants (instead of soul)would Catch on Fire, Catch on Fire, Catch on Fire . . ." She had me cracking up.

I love BlogPatrol that keeps track of the number of visitors to my site. It also gives cool info like most visited post, the time of day visited, search engines used to find blog and more. So far this week, I've had 19 people visit from the U.S., 1 person from Iceland and 1 from India. Can you believe it? I've been googled this week with the following keywords; boobshubby, domeboro sitz bath, alvelox, tball games, poem - t ball coach, shawndra turner colon cancer, and ideas for tball awards. I couldn't believe it so I googled boobshubby and sure enough on the 2nd page, there I was.

I love coaching, who knew? We are having a team pool party tomorrow night to celebrate a great season. All the parents chipped in and bought each girl a trophy, they're gonna be so surprised. At our last practice, we had a team vs parents and siblings scrimage. It was so much fun. Hubby usually has short hair but has been letting it grow out for a while. When one of the girls got to practice, she looked up at hubby and told him he looked like Elvis. It was so funny, I about wet my pants. The last few games were awesome! The girls actually beat that 2nd year team (the only one we lost to) from earlier in the season. One of the parents from their team teased before the game, "You want us to spot ya 10. They weren't in a mood to joke at the end of the game. (ha ha ha) And on the last day of games we played the team I pulled Baby Girl from. We totally skunked them and with bases loaded, Baby Girl hit her first homerun. I know I should grow up and not gloat, but what would be the fun in that?

I love my funny kids. Tonight while making dinner, I overheard Little Man and his best friend talking in the bedroom. Best Friend informed Little Man, "I'm getting more hair on my arms." So funny, I love it. Little Man thinks he needs to start lifting weights because he's so skinny. Baby Girl has asked me, "When am I going to lose my teeth? Everyone in my class have already lost teeth, it's not fair." I told her that most people I know want to keep their teeth not lose them. Go figure. A couple of weeks ago while shopping at Walmart, Baby Girl and Little Man decided they needed deodorient. Baby Girl picked out a strawberry scent and Little Man got his Dad's brand. Hubby rolled his eyes when they came home with it and said unless they apply it to their head, it won't do any good. My kids obviously don't have armpit odor but when playing outside their heads sweat and stink. I've actually thought about rubbing some on their heads to see if it would work.

I love Little Man's journal. This year his teacher had the class journal each day. Some days she gave a prompt, other days she let them write about anything. While I assume most kids, gave the minimum response each day, Little Man's entries were interesting, witty, well thought out, and wonderfully written. (I just don't know where he gets it :-) Beware, I put more than I should in this blog. I just couldn't decide which entries to include, I love them all;

A healthy breakfast gets your day off to a good start. Describe your perfect breakfast. What I eat for breakfast is choclate cireal. Sometimes I eat donuts. Oh and sometimes I eat pizza! (What a terrible mother, Oh the guilt)

If you could be any person in your family for a day who would it be? I would be my dad. becuse I love his truck, and he is a good person that's why. Why I would not be my mom is becuase I don't want to be a girl. (not sure how I feel with that response)

My sister is mean. This morning she slamed my head aginst the car door in the school parking lot!!! But she's the best I could have. But still I love her. But she can be nice in a while. but still she is mean. (I remember hitting my brother over the head with my metal strawberry shortcake lunchbox while waiting for the school bus, poor poor brother. I wonder if he thinks I'm the best he could have?)

I have the best teacher in the hole wide world. She's the best teacher anyone could have. she is so cool! I really like her. She gives us the funest work. She is a really wonderful asome exalent teacher! (I agree 100%)

Yesterday I was not felling good. I had a headeake. I felt like I could throwup. I felt so bad. i went to my nanas and grandpas. I felt worse every minite. I did not throwup, I'm lucky. (he gets headaches often, sometimes I wonder if they are migranes. I pretty much can't leave the house without children's motrin)

Election day was yesterday. Write 5 qualities a leader should have. He should be pastin't. He should not lie. He should be nice. He needs to be smart. He should be a Replublacon. (Oh brother, hubby has brainwashed him, I have my work cut out for me)

If I were president, I would lower gas prises. I'd love to have two dogs. I would play basketball too. I'd like to be president.

What I'm doing this weekend. I'm hoping our dog, Daisy Mae can come home. She might be ready this weekend. We have already bought her toys and stuf. It'll be awesome. She is the cutest thing ever! Are dog is a buldog. I can't belleve it. Oh, and its hard when you just look at there dog house and there not there, or your used to them being there when you all alone. Once I was looking at his dog house and I started cring. (My baby, I know he misses Skylar but he didn't tell me the dog house upset him) I'll always remember him. Dogs are awesome! (Next page) I can't wait!!! I think a buldog would be a cool dog to have. She is a very cute dog so my dad wants to call her Daizy. I like that name.

I can't wait till the spelling be. I should win becuase I studied so hard. I took hours out of my day. (so did your Mom) I didn't play video games once. (neither did I) All I did is study. (me too)

I WON THE SPELLING BE!!! The last two people where me and Cody. I think Cody should be the runner up. He was the runner up. It was fun. (Some crazee lady in the audience whooped and hollered like we won the Super Bowl embarrasing the crap out of her husband, and then texted everyone she knew)

Mexico is an awsome place! I really want to go. My parents say its there get away from kids. (Yep and we're leaving in a little over a week - cue choir: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah) I've went to 12 different places and there all bin in the United States. It would be fun to go there. All together it cost about $3000. For one person its 500. Its to much. But I still want to go. My parents say you can't go till your grown up and you can pay for it. do you want to.

St. Patrick's Day is next week. Tell me 10 things you would like to find at the end of the rainbow. Some gold, popcorn, Geany, a ps3. Also a thing that can make me invisible, bean burito, a art museum. Also, no school, free gas and $1000,000! Thats it! Ow and go to Mexico free! (Where does he get this stuff, crazy I tell ya!)

My sister did good! I'm talking about the Basketball game. She made a basket. she did awsome! Im proud of her. (such a good brother)

Once I got my toncles cut out. First, I got some weird medacation that made me sleepy and funny. It didn't make me fall asleep. So I went into the place wear I get my toncles cut out. They had to give me laghy gas, it was the weirdest thing in my life. I laghed and laghed and saw a bright light and passed oout. When I awoke, my mom and dad were standing in front of me. When it was the first day of having my toncles cut out. I took medication that made me throw up, it didn't work. but the next day I could eat chetoes. (He didn't want ice cream, only cheetos. I would have given him the moon on a silver platter if it made him feel better)

My mom is coaching teeball! Shes realy good at it. (yes I am) I cant belive she wanted to. shes makeing the team improve. Shes a awsome coach.