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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Silly Kids

Just before Christmas, we were in Colorado. The guys went out to eat while Baby Girl and I decided to eat at the condo and later hit the hot tub. While relaxing in the tub, Baby Girl started asking me, "Mom did you know that a long, long time ago God came to earth to save us. He died for us and then went back to heaven. Did you know that Mom? When he was here, his name was Henry but now his name is God."

On the trip, Little Man said that he loved me so much, he loved me a google. Not to be outdone, Baby Girl chimed in "Mom I love you so much, I love you a giggle!"

Little Man's been blogging more than me. Although I tell him all the time what a good writer he is, he doesn't believe me. If you haven't lately, check out his blog;