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Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love

i love this book. I just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Oh my gosh, it was awesome. I loved the movie but love the book even more. Books like that really make me want to write.

I love my playlist. When working at my desk, I listen to the songs on my blog. My husband does not love my music so much but suffers through the songs anyway. I didn't realize the kids listened but the other day I was watching Baby Girl play on the swing set. She was singing Carlton Pearson's song, Catch on Fire. Her version was . . . "I wish somebody's pants (instead of soul)would Catch on Fire, Catch on Fire, Catch on Fire . . ." She had me cracking up.

I love BlogPatrol that keeps track of the number of visitors to my site. It also gives cool info like most visited post, the time of day visited, search engines used to find blog and more. So far this week, I've had 19 people visit from the U.S., 1 person from Iceland and 1 from India. Can you believe it? I've been googled this week with the following keywords; boobshubby, domeboro sitz bath, alvelox, tball games, poem - t ball coach, shawndra turner colon cancer, and ideas for tball awards. I couldn't believe it so I googled boobshubby and sure enough on the 2nd page, there I was.

I love coaching, who knew? We are having a team pool party tomorrow night to celebrate a great season. All the parents chipped in and bought each girl a trophy, they're gonna be so surprised. At our last practice, we had a team vs parents and siblings scrimage. It was so much fun. Hubby usually has short hair but has been letting it grow out for a while. When one of the girls got to practice, she looked up at hubby and told him he looked like Elvis. It was so funny, I about wet my pants. The last few games were awesome! The girls actually beat that 2nd year team (the only one we lost to) from earlier in the season. One of the parents from their team teased before the game, "You want us to spot ya 10. They weren't in a mood to joke at the end of the game. (ha ha ha) And on the last day of games we played the team I pulled Baby Girl from. We totally skunked them and with bases loaded, Baby Girl hit her first homerun. I know I should grow up and not gloat, but what would be the fun in that?

I love my funny kids. Tonight while making dinner, I overheard Little Man and his best friend talking in the bedroom. Best Friend informed Little Man, "I'm getting more hair on my arms." So funny, I love it. Little Man thinks he needs to start lifting weights because he's so skinny. Baby Girl has asked me, "When am I going to lose my teeth? Everyone in my class have already lost teeth, it's not fair." I told her that most people I know want to keep their teeth not lose them. Go figure. A couple of weeks ago while shopping at Walmart, Baby Girl and Little Man decided they needed deodorient. Baby Girl picked out a strawberry scent and Little Man got his Dad's brand. Hubby rolled his eyes when they came home with it and said unless they apply it to their head, it won't do any good. My kids obviously don't have armpit odor but when playing outside their heads sweat and stink. I've actually thought about rubbing some on their heads to see if it would work.

I love Little Man's journal. This year his teacher had the class journal each day. Some days she gave a prompt, other days she let them write about anything. While I assume most kids, gave the minimum response each day, Little Man's entries were interesting, witty, well thought out, and wonderfully written. (I just don't know where he gets it :-) Beware, I put more than I should in this blog. I just couldn't decide which entries to include, I love them all;

A healthy breakfast gets your day off to a good start. Describe your perfect breakfast. What I eat for breakfast is choclate cireal. Sometimes I eat donuts. Oh and sometimes I eat pizza! (What a terrible mother, Oh the guilt)

If you could be any person in your family for a day who would it be? I would be my dad. becuse I love his truck, and he is a good person that's why. Why I would not be my mom is becuase I don't want to be a girl. (not sure how I feel with that response)

My sister is mean. This morning she slamed my head aginst the car door in the school parking lot!!! But she's the best I could have. But still I love her. But she can be nice in a while. but still she is mean. (I remember hitting my brother over the head with my metal strawberry shortcake lunchbox while waiting for the school bus, poor poor brother. I wonder if he thinks I'm the best he could have?)

I have the best teacher in the hole wide world. She's the best teacher anyone could have. she is so cool! I really like her. She gives us the funest work. She is a really wonderful asome exalent teacher! (I agree 100%)

Yesterday I was not felling good. I had a headeake. I felt like I could throwup. I felt so bad. i went to my nanas and grandpas. I felt worse every minite. I did not throwup, I'm lucky. (he gets headaches often, sometimes I wonder if they are migranes. I pretty much can't leave the house without children's motrin)

Election day was yesterday. Write 5 qualities a leader should have. He should be pastin't. He should not lie. He should be nice. He needs to be smart. He should be a Replublacon. (Oh brother, hubby has brainwashed him, I have my work cut out for me)

If I were president, I would lower gas prises. I'd love to have two dogs. I would play basketball too. I'd like to be president.

What I'm doing this weekend. I'm hoping our dog, Daisy Mae can come home. She might be ready this weekend. We have already bought her toys and stuf. It'll be awesome. She is the cutest thing ever! Are dog is a buldog. I can't belleve it. Oh, and its hard when you just look at there dog house and there not there, or your used to them being there when you all alone. Once I was looking at his dog house and I started cring. (My baby, I know he misses Skylar but he didn't tell me the dog house upset him) I'll always remember him. Dogs are awesome! (Next page) I can't wait!!! I think a buldog would be a cool dog to have. She is a very cute dog so my dad wants to call her Daizy. I like that name.

I can't wait till the spelling be. I should win becuase I studied so hard. I took hours out of my day. (so did your Mom) I didn't play video games once. (neither did I) All I did is study. (me too)

I WON THE SPELLING BE!!! The last two people where me and Cody. I think Cody should be the runner up. He was the runner up. It was fun. (Some crazee lady in the audience whooped and hollered like we won the Super Bowl embarrasing the crap out of her husband, and then texted everyone she knew)

Mexico is an awsome place! I really want to go. My parents say its there get away from kids. (Yep and we're leaving in a little over a week - cue choir: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah) I've went to 12 different places and there all bin in the United States. It would be fun to go there. All together it cost about $3000. For one person its 500. Its to much. But I still want to go. My parents say you can't go till your grown up and you can pay for it. do you want to.

St. Patrick's Day is next week. Tell me 10 things you would like to find at the end of the rainbow. Some gold, popcorn, Geany, a ps3. Also a thing that can make me invisible, bean burito, a art museum. Also, no school, free gas and $1000,000! Thats it! Ow and go to Mexico free! (Where does he get this stuff, crazy I tell ya!)

My sister did good! I'm talking about the Basketball game. She made a basket. she did awsome! Im proud of her. (such a good brother)

Once I got my toncles cut out. First, I got some weird medacation that made me sleepy and funny. It didn't make me fall asleep. So I went into the place wear I get my toncles cut out. They had to give me laghy gas, it was the weirdest thing in my life. I laghed and laghed and saw a bright light and passed oout. When I awoke, my mom and dad were standing in front of me. When it was the first day of having my toncles cut out. I took medication that made me throw up, it didn't work. but the next day I could eat chetoes. (He didn't want ice cream, only cheetos. I would have given him the moon on a silver platter if it made him feel better)

My mom is coaching teeball! Shes realy good at it. (yes I am) I cant belive she wanted to. shes makeing the team improve. Shes a awsome coach.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A couple of year's ago. I read two awesome blogs on Mother's Day. Check them out . . .



Supermom doesn't blog much anymore now that she's a busy college student mama. While I've always been a Supermom WannaBe, she's the real deal. She introduced me to blogging over two years ago probably saving me a ton in therapy.

Today, a friend in blogdom sent me this:


Barbara, thank you so much for thinking of me. I loved it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tball Games

Well, my team lost a game today. We are 1 of 7 teams in our league. We've played and beat all the other teams except one. Unlike us, they are a 2nd year team and it shows. We lost the first game of the season to them and then again today. Losing stinks :-(

In our league, whoever gets the coin toss to bat first has the advantage because they not only get to bat first but also last due to the 60 minute time limit rule. We were hoping to win the toss, but no such luck (not sure it would have made a difference today) Our girls had a great 1st inning. Usually tball games are high scoring because teams don't get outs. Innings end with a team reaching their 6 run limit not by getting 3 outs. Anyway, the 1st inning our girls grabbed 3 outs, stopping them with only 4 runs. We batted and scored 6 runs and therefore were up by 2. You could tell by their coaches reactions, they weren't use to losing.

For whatever reason, we fell apart after that inning and lost the game. Our girls played the rest of the game in tears showing that we haven't had much experience with losing either. It was not fun. Encouragement and pep talks didn't help. Hubby thinks we should have won the game, that the girls just gave up. I think we are an awesome 1st year team, but they had experience on their side.

We won the second game, no problem. I knew we would, we beat them the time before 22 to 5. After the first inning, Hubby knew I was gonna move the girls around to give all a chance to shine. I mean, it is the whole reason I pulled Baby Girl off that first team. How can I, with a clear conscious, do that to someone else's kid? He doesn't agree and said it would be better to keep our strong girls in the same positions so we can whoop it on the Bad News Bears as paybacks for the other team beating us. Don't get me wrong, I love my husbands fierce intensity. I would hate to be married to someone who didn't give a rip. Right or wrong, he ain't no girly man. I understand his competitive nature, I'm extremely competitive too. But I guess, the mom in me now keeps the competitiveness in check, at least sometimes.

When looking for tball ideas online, I came across a coach who awards a "game ball" after each game. It's not the actual game ball but I don't think our girls know that. Anyway, I buy a ball and after each game regardless if we win or lose, the coaches and I decide who gets it based on the performance of the girls not awarded yet. We write the team name (RZR's), the girl's name and the game number on the ball. The girls go nuts at the end of the game waiting to see who won the game ball.

Our team clown, who is usually found in the outfield drawing circles in the grass, played 3rd base some that last game. You should have seen her face the first time she grabbed a ball and got an out at 3rd base, talk about priceless. She made several more outs and won the game ball with her family there cheering her on.

Although we lost the first game, the game ball went to a girl who started this year terrified of the ball. When you threw it to her, she'd use her glove as a hard hat and duck for cover. She still does at times. After the 1st inning, the other team quit hitting towards our 3rd baseman and shortstop because they were getting outs. Instead, they hit on the other side of the field singling out my terrified one. She somehow swallowed her fear and stopped every ball that was hit her direction and there were alot. Although she wasn't able to turn them into outs, she didn't let even one ball get past her, what an accomplishment! I guess, she never expected to win a game ball because pure shock is the only way to describe her reaction.

While some parents including myself didn't leave the ball field quite as chipper as the other Saturdays when we won, the girls left happy and smiling.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Children's Church

Last Sunday, I woke up in a mood not a great start for Sunday morning.

Running late as usual, I jumped in the shower, grabbed my robe and checked on the kids in all about 5 minutes. You would not believe the mess in Baby Girl's room. I swear, it looked like they had every toy from Her bedroom, Little Man as well as the Entire Neighborhood in heaps on her floor. Noting I need to go through their toys, I yelled "You have 10 minutes to get it cleaned up" as I picked out clothes for church. Now, I knew there was no way possible to have it all cleaned up that fast but I was hoping for at least halfway. It's crazy, my kids can literally destroy a room in a second without so much as an argument, but take eternity to clean it up fighting every step of the way. "He's not cleaning up . . . She's too slow . . . He's not doing it right . . . and on and on it goes!

I was dressed, makeup on and ready to walk out the door a short 10 minutes later. The kids are fighting still in pjs surrounded by toys. Giving up on a clean room, I had them dress, brush their teeth and hair as we bolt for the door. I had to stop by Walmart to pick up glue sticks for Children's Church and donuts for my kids showing some mercy . . . starvation might be just a little extreme.

I can waltz in and out of Walmart in minutes but not when I'm running late, teaching Children's Church and in a bad mood. I entered through Lawn and Garden thinking it would be faster but at checkout, the cashier was MIA. After a few minutes, I along with a few other customers gave up and headed for the front of the store. It was like a Nascar Race. We were walking in full out sprints, cutting each other off at the pass, trying to be the first to the front checkout. With my purchase, I headed back to the garden department, contemplating giving the now present cashier the bird as I headed out of the store. Unlike Sam's, Walmart rarely stops to inspect your bag and receipt but I guess the doorman thought I was trying to make a break for it with my donuts and glue sticks because I was stopped.

Even with all of that, I made it to church only 7 minutes late. While waiting for the kids to be dismissed from church, I gave my kids their donuts (breakfast of champions) as I looked over my lesson. I had a topic and some activities picked out, I just needed one or two scriptures to go with it. Yea, actual bible scriptures might be important. Not remembering where the fruits of the spirit are in the bible, I turned to the back. Even with my glasses, I could NOT read the print. I'm not even 40 and already need freak'n bifocals. Little Man found the scripture just as the kids were dismissed from church.

Early in the school year, I signed up to help with the kids because let's face it, it would look impressive on my Supermom resume. I was assigned to the toddlers every 5th Sunday. While I should have been more than happy with my assignment, I was a little disappointed and wished I could teach the older kids, little did I know. Married couples were assigned to them and since Hubby doesn't attend church with me, I was not picked. Exclusion is not always a bad thing, be careful what you wish for . . .

A few months ago, I was approached by a frustrated teacher concerning children's church. Her husband is in the military and inevitably is called away for weekend duty on their Sunday with the kids. She was at her wit's end doing it by herself and asked if I wanted to take her place. While I should have been warned by the desperation in her face, I gladly accepted the job.

My first day, I decided to teach them a song in sign language. When I was young, some friends and I would sign during Praise and Worship at our church. I loved it and even to this day when a familiar song is played, I want to sign. It's goofy but the connection I feel when signing is like what I imagine a singer feels with singing a song or a dancer with a dance. Anyway, I thought the kids would enjoy it too. I picked a song played often at our church, freshened up on my signing skills online, practiced teaching it with my kids (who were actually excited about it), recruited my mom to help and was ready for Children's Church. While most participated, the kids were more interested in playing outside then signing. Being optimistic, I thought next time will be better.

My church is extremely easy going and laid back. I always considered it as positive never negative, until maybe now. One Sunday during song service, a friend and I were standing at the back surrounded by kids dancing and playing around us. She mentioned that her kids could never go back to a traditional, structured church. Again, I thought this is okay at least the kids are having fun and not made to sit in a pew quiet as a mouse through long, boring church services.

Anyway, last Sunday I was prepared with a short lesson and a couple of fun activities. It has rained so much over the past couple of weeks, I should have done a lesson on Noah and maybe built an ark. Realizing the kids couldn't go outside to run off excess energy, bad mood or not, I'd have to be on my toes. They came in wild and crazy as I quickly corralled them into their seats and prepared for the first activity.

Taking my lesson from Little Man being called a Buck Tooth Peanut Head earlier this week, I asked if anyone had ever been called a name or called another person a name? This sparked some good but extremely loud discussion because everyone was talking at the same time. Only after several attempts did I regain their attention for a brief moment, as I reminded them to keep it down so we don't disturb their parents in the sanctuary. Children's Church is basically in the foyer of the little sanctuary, only a set of glass, double doors separate the two. I must have said "Not so loud" a million times with little to no affect on the kids.

In the lesson, I tried to talk over them as I continued with how our words can either build someone up or destroy them. The saying, "Sticks and Stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt me" is not true. We are known by our words like a tree for its fruit. They continued to grow antsy and louder by the second.

As we started the first activity, I explained how we need to use words to build bridges rather than tear people down. I divided them into 3 equal groups, had each group form a line and gave the leader a roll of toilet paper. Working together, they had to unravel the toilet paper by passing it from person to person, alternating between legs and above their head until they had any empty roll. They had fun but as you could imagine, it was loud.

Next, I separated them among 3 tables, passed out strips of paper, and instructed them to write down a compliment for each person at their table (around 6 people). I gave them examples like "Smart, Funny, Pretty Smile, Cool Shoes, Great Football Player, etc... Afterwards, they were suppose to give them to one another and use the glue sticks to form a chain with the nice words they had received. This activity was too long for their short attention spans.

This time I thought I had a good lesson and plenty of activities to keep their active bodies busy but still like before. we teetered on the verge of chaos the whole time. Thank God, church finally ended and the adults made their way our direction. As I picked up toilet paper, color pencils and glue sticks, I watched the kids go crazy around their parents. With the exception of one adult (not the kid's parent) asking the loudest child to quit screaming, all were oblivious to the craziness. It's like the kids are without any limits whatsoever, a total free for all. They can get loud, wrestle, and run with total disregard for where they are, who they're around, or anything. I watched as the boy who was asked to quit yelling pick up a statue from a bookcase . If he dropped it, it would break. He didn't care as he tossed it around in his hands. It's funny, I didn't notice the behavior so much before my attempt at Children's Church.

During all the commotion, a man stopped me while noticing a paper chain left on a table and said I was doing a great job. Thinking he was joking, I quickly apologized for all the racket during service. He said he didn't mind and that he was just glad the kids were in church having fun.

Don't get me wrong, I want to teach Children's church and I do think kids should have fun. However, I don't think church should be just like Chuckie Cheese.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I had my first mammogram today. It was a little weird having someone position your boob into the machine that squishes it for a picture. Still, I'd take that over a colonoscopy any day, yuk. My nurse talked and talked and talked. As she explained what she was doing, she referred to my boobs as average size. How about that, Average! I knew they've grown after 2 kids and 15 pounds (give or take), still I thought they were well below average.

In junior high, boys said I was President of the Itty Bitty Tiddy Committee. Their ring leader used to torture me about size on the bus ride home from school each day. He'd say stupid things like you've got mosquito bites on your chest, let me scratch them for you. Most of my friends had grown boobs but I was still waiting. Because of my flat chest, I hated the way I looked. I prayed, quoted scripture (desire of my heart one) and even tried to use the Word of Faith message for bigger Boobs to appear on my chest.

I miraculously started 8th grade with boobs, thanks to Mom introducing me to padded bra's. It worked great until I was invited to a swim party. Mom came to the rescue once again with a padded swimsuit. It looked funny with zero cleavage but you know it doesn't take much to fool stupid junior high boys.

Through my teens and 20's, boob job ranked right up there with the need to eat, breath and sleep. In between the birth of Little Man and Baby Girl, a friend who was about my size had a boob job after giving birth to her second and final child. Shortly afterwards, she proudly flashed my friend and I. She looked great and I was more determined than ever to have one as soon as possible. The cost of the surgery kept coming down so I figured by the time I was done having babies, I would be able to afford one. too. I honestly thought that bigger boobs would make my life better, is that not crazy!

It's funny how age, children and I guess just life change you. The song "You're so Vain" comes to mind when thinking about my obsession with bigger boobs. Hubby still brings it up on occasion, usually when I'm complaining about my looks. I think he'd like to see me with Pamela Anderson Boobs. Sure, I'd get a kick out of occasionally wearing them around but not stuck to my chest for the rest of my life.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Fishing in the Dark

In the car coming home from dinner, I was asking Baby Girl about school, her friends, and stuff. It wasn't just casual conversation, I was fishing for information (I'll get to that in another post). I was completely shocked with what I caught. When asking about some of her classmates, she said she had a secret to tell me. She couldn't say it in front of Daddy and Brother. I didn't think much about it because she tells secrets all the time with most being, "I love you . . . the sky is blue . . . and boys stink."

At home, we went in her room and she said with an embarrassed smirk that . . . at nap time at school, "So and so" showed me and "friend" his private. (OH! MY!! GAWD!!! ) Trying to stay calm, I asked, "Where was your teacher?" She replied, "At her desk." The teacher obviously didn't see and the girls didn't tell.

I'm not sure if it should make a difference to the story but "So and so" is not completely right. I'm not sure his exact disability but he is terribly slow.

I explained to Baby Girl that That is NEVER a secret. That if anyone ever tries to show their private or asks to see yours, it's not funny but serious and to get an adult immediately. I told her that she and friend should have gone straight to the teacher and then at home she should have told me first thing.

I'm probably overreacting. Hubby even laughed when I first told him. The whole kids will be kids, that's gonna happen, type thing. It's not like Baby Girl has never seen it before, she does have a brother. It was most likely totally innocent. Nevertheless, it worries me.

I've emailed the "friend's" mom to call me (I don't have her phone number) and will go to the school tomorrow to talk with the teacher. I wouldn't have thought it before but maybe they should separate the boys and girls at nap time and put "So and so" right next to the teacher's desk.

We'll see what happens . . .

Friday, May 01, 2009

Stink'n Deadlines

Why . . .oh . . . why do I procrastinate? It's 1am and I just finished my 4th and final state application. I was suppose to take it to the UPS store to overnight by 5:00, obviously I didn't make it. So now my poor husband must drive the 4 hours into Kansas to hand deliver the stink'n thing. I should be shot. I told him I'd take it myself but he said he could get there and back faster, that's true.

How long have I had to complete the application you ask? Oh, the application window was March 1st to May 1st. I have no excuse, I'm just a habitual put-er-off-er. It makes me and everyone around me crazy. I lost my mind and repeatedly snapped at my husband, the kids, and the dog.

Well, applications are done . . . on to final reports. Stink'n paperwork. My next deadline is Friday, May 15th. Guess you know what I'll be doing Thursday, May 14th.