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Saturday, September 12, 2009

After reading writtenwordlover's post about a survey she took on facebook, I decided to try it. It was the one, What book of the bible are you? It said she was the book Numbers. She wasn't thrilled with her result, not exciting enough. It said I'm Ecclesiastes. Here's its reasons why;

You're a hardheaded realist burned once too often by the flaws of others and the emptiness of what society calls "success." Your wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks, which makes you a great advisor. You can't stand fake sunniness and social climbing; you're true, even if you're a little blue. Your eyes are clear, so without denying the reality of evil, make sure you also look at the goodness that's taking place around you.

Sounds like I'm depressed, maybe so.


Barbara's blog said...

Love the story about your daughter and her "friend." I remember my first boyfriend. I was in kindergarten in El Paso and he was a little Mexican boy. I'm not sure he spoke any English but he was the prettiest boy in the class and we "made eyes" at each other under a table that separated us on our pallets at rest time. Sweet memories.
As for you being depressed...how in the world do you have time to be depressed? Your busy life surely must keep your endorphines going full blast all the time.

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